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Final Call: Last Photos of Celebrities Before They Passed Away

Patrick Swayze, 57, 1952-2009

Dirty Dancing, Point Break, Donnie Darko, and Ghost were just some of Patrick Swayze’s beloved movies as a famed actor and dancer. In early 2008, he found out that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer which took his life a year and a half later on September 14, 2009. His mother, Patsy Swayze, was known as an American film choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor. Because Patrick attended dance lessons with his mother, he was able to meet his wife Lisa Niemi. Lisa helped him finish his memoir, The Time of My Life which was released on the same month that he died.

Burt Reynolds, 82, 1936-2018

When veteran actor Burt Reynolds had a heart attack on September 6, 2018, he left a huge fan following behind! It sure is great that he lives on through his films! Reynolds was 82 when he died. His ex-wife and his son held a private memorial service for him and it was held at a North Palm Beach funeral home. Some big names attended the ceremony – like Sally Field and Doug Flutie. Reynolds’ body was then cremated in Florida, at the God Coast Crematory. The TV and film industry lost an element of history that day!

Betty White, 99, 1922-2021

The world lost an icon in December 2021 when the legendary actress Betty White passed away due to natural causes at 99. Her legacy remains very much alive, thanks to her diverse portfolio, whose highlights include “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Life With Elizabeth,” “Lake Placid,” and “The Golden Girls.”

Her recognitions include Emmy, Grammy, People’s Choice, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. However, the younger generations may recognize her for her 2010 Super Bowl commercial where White got tackled while playing football. The actress didn’t only have an illustrious career; she was also loved for her advocacies, particularly championing animal rights.

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