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These Celebs Were Literally Born With a Silver Spoon In Their Mouth – Meet The Most Famous & Richest Hollywood Heirs

When your parents or great-grandparents have worked hard and became successful when they were in their prime, then there is a huge chance that you will be able to benefit from their fortune when they pass away. There are many heirs and heiresses who are truly enjoying a lavish lifestyle these days but many of them have actually built an impressive fortune on their own.

Many actors, musicians, or socialites have proven to us that they can generate their own kind of success even if they have been quite privileged growing up. Let’s take a look at just how wealthy some of the most popular heirs and heiresses are from around the world.

Paris Hilton – Estimated $300 Million

Paris Hilton is popular for being a successful reality star and businesswoman. She really worked hard over the years but even growing up, she was already living an affluent lifestyle because her family was really wealthy. Conrad Hilton, who was her great-grandfather, was the one responsible for establishing the Hilton Hotels.

It’s safe to say that she knew at a young age that she was meant to get a huge inheritance in the future. She is already worth $300 million these days and is actually still doing many things in her career. In April 2019, Hilton appeared on Germany’s Next Topmodel.


Olivia Wilde – Estimated $20 Million

Actress Olivia Wilde is best known for the performances she had on House, Cowboys & Aliens, and The Lazarus Effect. Even if acting made her bank account grow like crazy, she always had stability when it came to her finances because her father, Andrew Cockburn, was a successful journalist.

They are also known for being related to Sir George Cockburn who was the mastermind behind the Burning of Washington back in 1814. Wilde has definitely made her own unique mark over the years and today, she has ventured into directing and producing as well. In 2019, she directed a new movie called Booksmart.

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