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Loveliest Celebrity Couples In Hollywood – They Are Still Going Strong Through Thick & Thin

Most celebrities are blessed with the ability to practically choose who they want to date. Whether it’s other celebrities or simply off-the-radar civilians who are away from the Hollywood scene, they are spoiled for choice. We’re going to delve into the relationships of celebrities and take a look at how things are today.

Did they stay together? Did they succumb to the pressures of the industry and end up filing for divorce? Do their partners have the financial strength they have? Read on to discover some somewhat surprising celebrity relationships (we certainly wouldn’t put some of these together!) and then enjoy gossiping with your friends about it.

Wanda Sykes & Alex Sykes | 11 Years

Wanda Sykes is a former contracting specialist for the National Security Agency of the US Department of Defense. But you are most likely to know her as a comedian, actress, and television personality. Back in the ’90s, she was married to a record producer named Dave Hall. Sykes went through the challenging phase of coming out as gay to her parents, and later to the public in 2008. A month before coming out, she had already married Alex Niedbalski, a Frenchwoman. While the duo has a pair of twins whom Alex bore in 2009, these two have been happily married for over 11 years now.

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