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Some Of These Celebrities Shouldn’t Be This Rich: Find Out How They Do It!

Celebrities. Sports stars. World-changing tech fundies. In a nutshell, people who make a lot of money. While some make their living for services rendered, whether that be performing on stage, on film, the field, or in court, others have made a killing through ingenious creations like self-driving cars or shopping from home.

But one thing they have in common is that, no matter what the difference is between their wealth, they’re all pretty much set up for life. Here, we look at some of these high-profile individuals with impressive net worths bordering the unbelievable.


Jennifer Aniston: Actress – $300 Million

Of all the cast members of “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston has probably become the most bankable. She played the ever-popular Rachel Green on the show and used that popularity post “Friends” to build an impressive film career. Acting is also in her DNA since she is the daughter of “Day’s of Our Lives” stalwart John Aniston.

In terms of films, her CV includes films like “Horrible Bosses,” “We’re the Millers,” and 2018’s “Dumplin’.” She has been on the Forbes highest-paid actress list for 15 years and, in 2018, had an estimated annual income of $19.5 million. She is still as bankable as ever and returned to the ” The Morning Show” series in 2021.

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