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Celebrities Living Unhealthy Lifestyles Who Are Still Alive Against All Odds

When you are someone who is doing a lot of on-screen work, you really need to exert an extra effort to look fresh and flawless most of the time. This is why many celebrities invest in proper ways to look youthful while also maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

While this is the right thing to do, many famous people also have their fair share of unhealthy lifestyle choices. We’re here to let you know exactly what they are. The people on this list are definitely blessed to be alive despite having their fair share of vices or guilty pleasures.

Betty White, 97 | Processed Meat

Betty White has been working in show business for at least eight decades already. She has remained in great shape all these years, but it seems like a healthy diet isn’t her thing. She happily eats processed foods like hotdogs and doesn’t care if it isn’t a healthy thing to consume.

She is already 97 years today, so whatever she has been doing over the years has helped her prolong her life. Some of you might assume that she is already retired, but The Golden Girls star is actually still booking new projects to this day. Her most recent one was a voice role in Toy Story 4.

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