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British Celebrities Who Live In Houses More Gorgeous Than Any A-List Hollywood Show-Off

If you’ve ever wondered how it would be like to live as a famous actor or world-famous rock star, then look no further! Here we bring you the best homes owned by incredibly talented British celebrities. Some of the stars on this list are more relevant than others, but one thing they all have in common is their impeccable taste in living spaces.

So yeah, fame can’t buy you happiness, as they say, but it can surely buy you amazing properties all over the world. Just take a look at these 40 houses that will surely make you want to live the celebrity life even more!

Judi Dench, Surrey Farmhouse- Price Undisclosed

Dame Judi Dench has a  6,910 square-foot farmhouse. The estate, which was built in 1470, sits on 5 acres of land. Over the years, multiple additions have been done to the home but they have managed to maintain that old simplistic charm the house has had over hundreds of years.

Featuring 4 bedrooms in the main house, it also boasts a master suite, multiple fireplaces, a kitchen breakfast room, a cozy family room, and a sitting room. In addition, there’s also a w bedroom cottage with its own bathroom, kitchen and dining room.

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