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This Is What Zara & Mike Tindall’s Married Life Looks Like

Your favorite book, the best classic movie, and your iPod playlist may end one day, but the stories of the royal family are never-ending! So here we’re again digging some more spicy news from this Pandora box.

But for a change, this time around, we haven’t got any political news, wedding updates, or family drama to talk about. Instead, today we’ve brought you a peek into one of the sweetest royal couple’s life.

Which royal couple, you ask? Well, it’s Prince William’s cousin Zara and her husband, Mike Tindall. Allow us to introduce you to them.


Hello | Zara Tindall is Princess Anne’s daughter and Prince William’s cousin

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Meet Zara – Prince William’s favorite sister

Recently, Prince William and Zara were spotted enjoying a day out in the English countryside. Mia, Zara’s daughter, was seen on Prince William’s shoulder, enjoying the family time. The closeness between the cousins was evident, and sources reveal that spending time together is Zara and William’s thing!

The bond between them isn’t new; in fact, it’s a decade old. When Prince William was a kid, he loved the chaotic country home Zara lived in rather than the formal palace. It seems like Zara’s abode was peaceful and full of life, and Prince William found his escape in the quiet life there.


PopSugar UK | She shares a special bond with Prince William but is a lesser-known royal

Zara and Mike Tindall share a happy, limelight-free life

Zara, 39, and Mike, 42, have been married for nine years. While you’ve become familiar with Zara, allow us to introduce you to Mike. He owns a foundation for people who get seriously injured in sports. Having been an excellent rugby player and a World Cup winner in 2003 himself, it’s only natural for him to support this foundation. After all, a real sportsperson knows the value of helping hands.

In fact, love for sports is one thing that the couple shares. Zara, too has been an equestrian Olympian in 2012, just like her mother. And if you’re wondering why the world doesn’t see so much of her, it’s because her mother, Princess Anne, thought it would be best to keep her title free.

The couple is free to join the royal members and have family time on the balcony of Buckingham Palace whenever they want, but most of the time, they’re seen enjoying their non-glamorous life with their daughter, Mia. The two even accompany her to school and supermarkets. 


Daily Mail | She prefers the quiet life with husband Mike Tindall and daughter Mia

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And now for an interesting bite.

Have you heard about the Coronavirus passport app? It’s an app that displays the result of antibody tests conducted before attending an event, and it’s promoted by Zara Tindall to lure fans back to the stadium. While that sounds amazing, recently, the app has been accused of miss-selling antibody tests. Well, we’ll only have to wait and watch what Zara has to say about that.

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