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You Won’t Believe How Much Money ‘Roar’ Singer Katy Perry is Making as a Judge on ‘American Idol’

It’s hard to believe that ‘American Idol’ just wrapped up its 17th season last May. It seems just like yesterday when the world was being introduced to the singing talent show and its original set of judges. Back in its early days, the show’s only ‘celebrity’ host was singer Paula Abdul. That soon changed with the following seasons though as a slew of celebrity performers took a seat on the competition’s panel of judges.

One of the biggest stars to ever assume a judging position on Idol is pop star Katy Perry, who began her stint in 2018. And, after just one season on the show, the 34-year-old singer immediately cemented herself as an indispensable part of the judges’ panel. Proof of this is the huge salary she’s reportedly being paid to be on it.

Game Show Salary

Perry with Seacrest, who hosts the show, and fellow judges Richie and Bryan

According to reports, the pop diva was paid an impressive $25 million for the show’s 17th season. Perry reportedly wouldn’t agree to come on board for anything less than the mentioned amount and ABC CEO Ben Sherwood eventually agreed to her terms.

In comparison, her co-judges, music legend Lionel Richie and country singer Luke Bryan, got significantly less than Perry did. According to Pop Culture, Richie, only got $10 million for the year. Meanwhile, ‘American Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest, who has been part of the show since its start, was paid $12 million, similar to the third judge Bryan.

So, what is it about Perry that granted her the bargaining power she had to negotiate a salary of a quarter hundred million dollars?


Perry’s fanbase is composed of young people in their early to late teens, according to The Star

Well, according to Sherwood, it’s all thanks to her ability to attract younger viewers to the show. With ‘American Idol’ nearing the two-decade mark on television, it’s quite understandable that some of its original fans have stopped watching. Thus, it’s important for them to appeal to other demographics as well especially with competitor shows like ‘The Voice‘ enjoying good viewer ratings.

Reportedly adding more to Perry’s appeal is her sense of humor which shines through whenever she interacts with the show’s contestants. It’s also worth noting that she sits at the center of the judge’s table, a spot that was formerly held by Abdul.

The show is about to return on television with its 18th season in 2020. However, it still hasn’t been confirmed whether Perry will be returning for it.

Good Year

Perry has been in a relationship with Bloom since 2016.

Leaving Idol may not be too bad for Perry though. She just released a new single, ‘Never Really Over’, and its summer-themed music video last May. What more, she has a wedding to plan after her Valentines Day engagement to beau actor Orlando Bloom earlier this year. Besides, the pop sensation also has her reported $330 million fortune to fall back on should she not return to the show.

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