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You Won’t Believe Which Body Parts Mariah Carey Insured for a Whopping Total of $70 Million

Mariah Carey is one of pop music’s most celebrated performers. Beginning her successful music career in the late 80s, the now 49-year-old singer has shown no signs of stopping just yet. While Carey has definitely gotten her fair share of criticism for her reportedly divaesque attitude, the most surprising thing she’s ever done remains to be the insurance of her most prized assets.


Carey first reportedly insured her legs in 2006 after scoring an endorsement deal with Gillette

According to reports from TMZ, the singing sensation insured her legendary voice and her legs at $35 million each during  ‘The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour‘ back in 2016. This puts her monthly premium in the thousands of dollars, the same report said.

While $70 million is definitely a large sum to spend, the price seems reasonable considering the fact the musician made her fortune using her five-octave vocal range and have scored profitable deals because of her beautiful legs. In fact, she’s said to be the highest-pitched pop singer in contemporary times with a highest recorded note of G7. Meanwhile, a close second to her is another vocal powerhouse, Christina Aguilera, who has a reported high note of C#7.

Her legs, on the other hand, have been awarded by the women’s shaving products brand Gillette Venus back in 2006. This resulted in them honoring her and her fabulous stems with 16-foot tall replications of her legs displayed at the  Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Carey’s signature Christmas song has successfully remained popular since its release in 1994

Besides, Mimi can definitely afford to pay her insurance premium with her reported $300 million net worth. As expected, a great deal of her massive fortune is profited from her many sold-out world tours and studio albums. In fact, her hit Christmas single ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ alone reportedly brought the singer $60 million in royalties.

And that amount is only set to grow larger and larger as Carey receives $500,000 every year for licensing the song in the United Kingdom alone. Talk about being a certified hit-maker.

Following Suit

Actresses Julia Roberts and America Ferrera have both reportedly insured their signature smiles

Carey isn’t the only celebrity to ensure their most notable body parts though. Reports say that ‘Pretty Woman’ actress Julia Roberts has a $30 million insurance on her megawatt smile. Likewise, ‘Ugly Betty’ star America Ferrera has hers insured for a lesser but still large amount of about $8.8 million. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez and Australian singer Kylie Minogue are said to have their chest areas insured for $21.5 million and $ 3.7 million respectively.

And it seems like the practice isn’t new or unique to modern times at all. Apparently, ‘All About Eve’ actress Bette Davis had $28,000 on her waistline during the height of her career in the 1930s and 1940s. Even silent era performers are said to have taken out  ‘star insurance policies’. For example, Ben Turpin, a vaudevillian performer with crossed eyes, is said to have $20,000 waiting for him if his eyes had gone straight.

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