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So What’s Jane Fonda’s Net Worth?

$200 Million! Yes, you heard it right. Jane Fonda’s net worth is $200 million. The writer, former model, actress and fitness expert is everything she has dreamed of becoming in life.  Born in 1937, the actress rose to fame when she featured in the 60s movies. She has won two Academy Awards, seven Golden Globe Awards, an Emmy Award, among others. Even though Fonda retired in 1991, she came back in 2005 and 2007.

Fonda was famously for igniting controversies with her belief. There was a time she got Americans outrage with her picture in Hanoi, when she sat on an anti-aircraft battery. She was notoriously called ‘Hanoi Jane.’

One of the dreams of Fonda was to feature alongside her father, Henry Fonda. In 1981, that dream was fulfilled in a movie called On Golden Pond that becomes a healing balm for father and daughter who were estranged over the years.

Fonda has done an extensive work on fitness videos.  The actress who got married twice and divorced the three men, but her settlement with Ted Turner gave her $100 million in stocks and a 2,500 acre ranch. Now you know that Fonda has little problem with money.

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