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While most people are focussed in her music career and dating life, Taylor Swift’s has managed to build an impressive collection of real estate properties amounting to $84 million at just 29 years old.

The eight properties, strewn across four states in the United States, make up a great chunk of the singer-songwriter’s even more impressive reported net worth of $280 million. Is T-Swift’s taste in real estate as good as her taste in men? Let’s find out.

Swift began pursuing her music career at the young age of 14.

A Condo and an Estate in Nashville

Her first purchase is a 3,240-square-foot-condo located in state capital’s Music Row. She bought the property when she was 20 for $3 million and designed its interiors herself.

The hit-maker also bought a 1930s era Greek Revival estate worth $2.5 million, the cheapest property in her real estate portfolio. It has a 5,600-square-foot main house which has four bedrooms, a 2,000-square-foot guesthouse and a pool in the back.

A Home and a Cottage in Los Angeles

The music maven also has two properties in Los Angeles.

The first is a 2,950-square-foot home in Beverly Hills which is currently listed for sale and valued at an estimated $2.85 million. The single-story home boasts of an airy vibe with glass walls and skylights.

However, her main property remains to be the former home of deceased Hollywood studio executive, Samuel Goldwyn. She purchased the 1934 mansion back in 2015 and is currently busy renovating the iconic home to its old Hollywood glory. The property is her most expensive one valued at a jaw-dropping $30 million.

A Seaside Mansion in Rhode Island

Swift’s Rhode Island home isn’t far off from the Kennedy family compound. She has been previously romantically linked with a member of the political clan, Conor Kennedy, in 2012.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the United States coast, the singer owns an impressive seaside mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

The 12,000-square-feet mansion has fantastic views of the Block Island Sound and Montauk Point. It has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and its own 700-foot shoreline making it an ideal vacation home for the Grammy award-winning songstress and her famous squad.

Neighboring Luxury Homes in New York City

With about $40 million worth of property in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, Swifties have christened the area with a new name: TayBeca.

She began her take over of the neighborhood in 2014 after she bought two adjacent penthouses and turned them into a large duplex with 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms valued at $20.5 million. It also features an expansive kitchen where she’s been spotted baking with her squad.

Director Peter Jackson used to own Swift’s current New York home.

Three years after, she bought the 100-year-old townhouse next to her penthouse’s building. The townhouse, worth $12.5 million, measures at about 5,148 square feet and has its own gym, home theater, and bar.

She made her most recent purchase in February 2018, a $9.75 million condo located just floors below her penthouse.

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