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Taylor Kinney Returns in “Chicago Fire” Season 12 – Is Severide’s Character Losing Its Spark?

In “Chicago Fire,” Kelly Severide, played by the talented Taylor Kinney, has been a beacon of courage and commitment. However, as Season 12 rolls out, fans are scratching their heads, wondering what is happening to Severide.

The storyline seems to be pulling him in directions that do not quite match up with the hero we have all cheered for. Let’s dive into why Taylor Kinney’s ongoing presence on the show is causing some fans to question the future of Severide’s character.

Elle / As Chicago Fire” season 12 keeps Taylor Kinney around, Severide is losing its true character fans know him for.

From Firehouse Hero to Arson Case Chaser, the Severide We Know Is Changing!

This season, Severide has taken a turn that has got everyone talking. He has been roped into an arson investigation, leaving his duties and loved ones at Firehouse 51 in the lurch. This move is strange for someone who has always put his team first.

However, it is not just about fighting fires anymore. Something is off with Severide, and it is affecting his relationships, especially with Stella Kidd. Severide’s decision to dive deep into arson investigations has ruffled more than a few feathers. His squad, particularly Joe Cruz, feels left behind, questioning Severide’s appreciation for their hard work.

Notice that this storyline is not just about Severide’s career choices. It is affecting his core relationships and the dynamics of Firehouse 51. Fans are left to ponder: Is this the same Severide who would do anything for his team?

GTN / Having Taylor Kinney around means Severide’s focus on arson cases over his squad is puzzling and makes us wonder where his loyalties lie.

What Is Next for Severide and Taylor Kinney?

As whispers of Taylor Kinney possibly leaving the show grow louder, Season 12 feels like it could be setting the stage for Severide’s exit. While there’s no official word, the storyline hints at big changes. Severide’s deep dive into arson cases, away from his team, has fans anxious and guessing about his and Kinney’s futures on “Chicago Fire.”

“Chicago Fire” is at a crossroads with Taylor Kinney’s character. The show must navigate these waters carefully, ensuring that Severide’s legacy remains intact, regardless of Kinney’s personal decisions. It is a tricky balance, keeping a beloved actor on board while maintaining the essence of his character. Fans are hopeful but cautious, watching closely to see how Severide’s story unfolds.

Taylor Kinney Is the Heart Behind Severide

taylor kinney

Marca/ Rumors have it that Taylor Kinney is leaving “Chicago Fire” again. This time, to maintain the true character of Severide.

In the end, much of Severide’s appeal comes from Taylor Kinney himself. Kinney’s portrayal has been nothing short of stellar, bringing depth, charisma, and a touch of vulnerability to Severide. Beyond his “Chicago Fire” role, Kinney is known for his down-to-earth personality and dedication to his craft. His connection with the audience extends beyond the screen, making his potential departure a significant talking point among fans.

As “Chicago Fire” Season 12 continues, the question of how to keep Taylor Kinney around without sacrificing Severide’s character remains. The show has always been about more than just firefighting. It is about the family formed within the firehouse walls. Severide is a key part of that family, and his journey this season has been a rollercoaster.

Fans remain attached to both Severide and Kinney, hopeful that the show will find a way to honor the character’s legacy, regardless of what the future holds for Kinney. So, whether Severide returns to his roots at Firehouse 51 or we say goodbye, his impact on the show and its audience will undoubtedly be remembered.

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