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SpaceX and Tesla Founder Elon Musk Has Some Wise Tips For Workers to Become More Productive

SpaceX founder Elon Musk may be embroiled in a lot of controversies now and then but you can’t hide the fact that he remains to be a successful investor and wise entrepreneur. That means no matter how people hate him for his not-so-admirable remarks, he is still rich and worth more than us.

The Tesla CEO must be doing something right to maintain his status — things that are worth copying. As it turns out, Elon has a lot on his plate but still manages to be on top of his game. Apparently, it all boils down to productivity, a trick he has up his sleeve. Luckily, the businessman shared his secrets.

On Meetings

Not all staffers enjoy meetings, more so if it eats a chunk of their time that could have been put to good, more meaningful use. Elon’s first advice goes to the execs, who hold big meetings. As time goes by, these conferences tend to become useless because he believes these will worsen.

The SpaceX founder is not a fan of long meetings that offer no value at all

The 48-year-old elaborated that once big meetings aren’t giving the listeners value, then it’s high time to ditch the event. If there are no important words to impart, keep them short, Elon further said. The billionaire also advised against having frequent talks unless for an urgent issue.

On Contribution

Elon also addressed the listeners. Everyone’s role during this time is not only to listen to the presenter, instead, all should make sure they contribute something with value to the conference. Otherwise, he suggests that you should leave, which he doesn’t consider as rude — what is, is when you waste people’s precious time.

On The Use of Jargons

Elon once said that he is good at writing emails, so much so that he quipped it was one of his core competencies. Whenever he wants something done, likes to talk to his staff, or just intends to clarify something within the company, he pens a detailed email. In 2010, one of his concise and direct-to-the-point messages went viral. The email fully explained how he wasn’t a fan of using too many acronyms in SpaceX.

Elon Musk is known for his love of writing e-mails

Elon highlighted that a lot of acronyms could impede communication and is harmful to newbies. He also pointed out that a few ones are ok, however, if this becomes a habit, the problem trickles down to other people. He cited that during a meeting, an unfamiliar acronym could make people wonder what it means but wouldn’t raise the point so as not to look dumb.

On Company Rules 

Some executives would put in place strict rules that everyone should abide by. Although there’s also a set of guidelines in Elon’s companies, he recommends following common sense rather than rigid regulations whenever the situation asks for it.

On Communication

If you wish to talk to someone, go to that person directly

Elon is also irritated by people who can’t communicate directly. For him, it doesn’t matter if you are a manager giving orders to a lower rank to send a memo, but what’s crucial is to send the message across in the shortest time possible.

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