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See Lady Gaga’s $5 Million Custom-Made Necklace She Wore to Golden Globes

Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish fashion choices on the red carpet and in television appearances – a full-meat ensemble, the Saturn-inspired iridescent gown, and the Kermit coat, were just a few of her remarkably bold fashion risks she has taken over the years. But just when we thought the performative phase of her life was over, this year’s Golden Globes happened and Gaga managed to drive her fans gaga once again.

As soon as the “A Star is Born” actress stepped on the red carpet, everyone was blown away with her periwinkle look with matching hair color. While her iconic Cinderella-inspired outfit dazzled on the red carpet, it was her bespoke accouterment from Tiffany & Co. that actually stole the show. Prepare to be more surprised at the statement necklace Gaga wore that was apparently worth $5 million or £3.9 million.

‘Aurora’ the Necklace

Lady Gaga outshined the other stars on the Golden Globes’ red carpet with her bespoke diamond necklace worth $5 million by Tiffany & Co

Lady Gaga’s stylists, Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout, wanted to have the dress and the jewelry to complement each other, and nothing could match a custom-made Valentino better than a sparkly diamond piece that’s reminiscent of the brilliance of the stars. The necklace, created especially for Gaga’s first awards show this year, is named “Aurora,” after Aurora Borealis and pays homage to the singer’s latest film.

Aurora is definitely Gaga’s answer to Cinderella’s glass slipper, even outshining it with its sustainably sourced diamonds and its beautiful drip design. The necklace was loaded with precious jewels, having 300 round and pear-shaped diamonds and a 20-carat teardrop diamond centerpiece on a distinctive neckline. The statement piece is a classic touch to Gaga’s Old Hollywood glamour look, making her a certified stunner on the ceremony’s red carpet.

To seal the overall look, the “Born This Way” diva also wore Tiffany & Co.’s $115,000 platinum and diamond-clustered earrings, and three platinum and diamond bracelets which ranged from $45,000 to $145,000. Gaga wore a total of 100-carat of jewelry to the award-giving ceremony.

Piccioli Piece

Lady Gaga is back on the red carpet with her custom-designed periwinkle Valentino gown and matching hair color

Another custom-made piece in Gaga’s look was her internet-breaking dress designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, who the singer-turned-actress enlisted for her first outing in the red carpet season. The gown was based on a dress on the Valentino Fall 2018 Couture runway show but with just several alterations.

Aside from the color of the strapless gown that perfectly resembled Judy Garland’s outfit in a scene from the first remake of “A Star is Born,” it also had a silhouette transformation, from a tripunto stitching across the bust and to the yoke and a heavy gathering on the skirt, to a smoother and sleeker ball gown with classic pleating and a dramatic floor-length train. The gown, of course, is a classic Piccioli, with the voluminous puffed sleeves or shawl that were very evident in his couture collection on that season.

An Unintentional Tribute

“A Star is Born” won the Golden Globes for Best Original Song for “Shallow” that was composed and sang by Lady Gaga on the film

Aside from her jaw-dropping look, people on the internet also pointed out the similarity between Gaga’s and Garland’s costume from the same title released in the 1950s. It was an unintentional tribute but the two-time Golden Globes winning actress also affirmed the resemblance between the looks.

The 2018 version of “A Star is Born” is the third American remake of the original 1937 film top-billed by Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Garland and James Mason starred in the 1954 film as well as the musical element of the movie. So far, only Barbra Streisand, from the 1976 remake of the film, had won the Academy Award for Best Actress for this film, since the Oscar nominations are yet to be announced.

The 2018 remake was nominated for five categories in this year’s Golden Globes—Best Motion Picture-Drama, Best Director and Best Actor-Motion Picture Drama for Bradley Cooper, Best Actress-Motion Picture-Drama for Gaga, and Best Original Song.

They failed to get the Best Motion Picture for Drama award and lost it to “Bohemian Rhapsody” but won the Best Original Song for “Shallow,” which was composed and sang by Gaga with Cooper in the film. Aside from top-billing, “A Star is Born” is also Cooper’s directorial debut. The on-screen partner also lost the acting awards to Glenn Close from “The Wife” and Rami Malek from “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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