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Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Are Lowkey Selling This Property In One Of Manhattan’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick maybe some of New York City’s most famous residents but the acting couple still manages to keep a relatively low profile. Until it comes to their real estate, that is.

Despite listing one of their Big Apple townhouses via a pocket or ‘whisper’ listing, news outlets still managed to find out about their recent move. And as it turns out, they are asking for a whopping $19 million for the property. Check it out and see if it’s worth this steep price tag.

Private Listing

The actress in the listed townhouse during her 2014 Vogue Interview

The said townhouse is reportedly located on West Village’s Charles Street. The neighborhood is among Manhattan’s priciest ones, so the couple’s asking price may not come as much of a surprise to some.

The 1905 home was purchased by the A-listers for just $2.99 million back in 2000. Due to it being not being listed publicly, specific details on the 1905 townhouse residence aren’t available at this time. However, fans of the actress, who is best known for her television role as fashionista New Yorker Carrie Bradshaw, will know that the home’s interiors have been glimpsed back in 2014.

A better look at the family room with its matching walls and couch in shades of green

Parker notably appeared on the first installment of Vogue’s interview series called ‘73 Questions’, where she answered the titular questions while walking inside the townhouse’s ground floor. From the video, people were able to get an idea of the abode’s decor, which was a unique mix of stately elegance and bold colors at the time. One will also notice certain interesting features in the celebrity’s home from the ping-pong table to the tiny piano in the formal dining room.

Moving on to Better Things

Inside the massive home, which occupies two addresses

Some sources speculate that the couple’s decision to part with one of their properties is because they’re finally done working on their new place just nearby. It can be remembered that the actress and her husband splurged some $35 million for a set of two adjoining townhouses, which they’ve reportedly converted into a sprawling 13,900 square feet residence in 2016.

The structure reportedly dates back to the early 1900s and was previously occupied by a non-profit organization. Combined, the home has a total of nine bedrooms and five bathrooms. Their new digs also offer plenty of place for entertaining outside having a landscaped garden measuring at 2,100 square feet.

Conjugal Holdings

And when the couple does find a buyer for their townhouse, they still have a couple of other high-value properties in the city and in the state of New York. Parker reportedly owns a ‘work apartment’ located on West 12th Street. Meanwhile, the husband and wife also boast of having three Hamptons homes in their portfolio.


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