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A Rundown of the Crazy Expensive Things Billionaire Kylie Jenner Splurges On

When Kylie Jenner’s beauty business, Kylie Cosmetics,  first began bringing in the big bucks, she wasn’t even old enough to legally drink yet.

But who would’ve thought that she would be the world’s youngest self-made billionaire right as she celebrates her 21st birthday?

So, what does this young beauty tycoon do with her massive fortune? Does she have the same spending habits as regular women in her age group?

Read on to find out…

A Luxury Car Collection

While other twenty somethings prefer getting around using Grab or Uber, Jenner has a whole garage filled with luxury cars to choose from.

One of her most expensive ones is a Bentley Bentayga which has a price tag of $229,000. She also has two Ferraris which each cost around $229,000 and a jaw-dropping $1.4 million.

And the list doesn’t end there. Jenner is the proud owner of a couple of Rolls Royce cars and two custom-made luxury cars: a Range Rover and a Mercedes G-Wagon.

Real Estate

The reality television star turned businesswoman currently lives in her own 13,000 square foot mansion purchased in 2016. Located in Hidden Hills, California, the property sits on a 1.4-acre lot and has a large garage to house all of her fancy rides. What more, she allegedly spent $12 million just to design her home’s interiors.

Of course, this isn’t her only real estate investment. She reportedly has spent over $40 million buying different properties throughout the past years.

Jenner also rented an estate for a whopping $125,000 a month in rent while she got her primary home remodeled.

Her “smaller” purchases

Like most women, Jenner is a fan of jewelry though her taste might be worth a few more zeroes than what a regular gal can afford.

One of her most popular purchases is from Cartier where she’s dropped thousands of dollars for a couple of diamond rings. But her most expensive known purchase to date is on a $53,000 Rolex watch which she gifted to herself.

Still, her older sister Kim Kardashian says that Jenner’s jewelry collection is much bigger than what she lets on to the public as the latter doesn’t wear much bling while out.

Birthday Bashes and Private Jets

Jenner is also known for going all out for her loved ones’ birthday bashes.

Although she didn’t reveal just how much she spent for her daughter Stormi’s first birthday celebration, some speculate that the lavish party may have cost more than an entire wedding.

Her baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott, also got an amazing birthday party from the billionaire who rented out a Six Flags for a rumored $150,000 to host his 26th birthday.

Another recipient of Jenner’s generous gift-giving is her childhood friend and former best friend, Jordyn Woods. Though it’s safe to say that Woods wouldn’t be receiving any more presents from her billionaire ex-BFF due to current drama surrounding Woods and Jenner’s family.

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