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Royal Couples Harry and Markle & William and Middleton are Reportedly Cutting Ties With Each Other– Here’s Why

The once close brothers Prince William and Prince Harry have been hounded with rumors about a supposed rift between them for months now. These were further confirmed when the younger of the Windsors decided to move out of he and his wife Meghan Markle’s Kensington Palace quarters near Prince William’s apartment last April.

And now, the brothers are making their split even more official with this latest saddening decision regarding their professional relations.

Couple Split

The two royal couples used to live near each other and keep the same office at Kensington Palace

According to royal reporter Emily Andrews, the Cambridges and the Sussexes have decided to split from their joint Royal Foundation charity within the coming months. This comes after Prince Harry and Markle made the move to have their separate working office from Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

While nothing has been finalized yet, Andrews reveals that the two parties were given the option to leave things be. However, it was the Cambridges who were in a rush to hasten the change. Still, Andrews believes that the separation will take a while to be ratified what with the many initiatives that will need to be considered in the process.

Strained Relationship?

The feud between the two reportedly stemmed from Prince William’s disapproval of Markle

This sudden decision is attributed to worsening strained relationship between the brothers. Some sources insist though that things have gotten better between the two couples after the Sussexes moved out of their shared spaces. Prince Harry and Markle currently live in Frogmore Cottage at the Windsor Castle grounds with their newborn son Archie.

Prior to all these, the brothers reportedly didn’t see each other after Prince Harry’s 2018 marriage to Markle. While they were seen together during public appearances, royal insiders say that they didn’t communicate outside of those events. Rumors of a feud between their wives have also made their rounds in tabloids and other news outlets in and outside the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, some sources say that the split is actually a good thing for the brothers. With Prince William possibly inheriting the British throne someday, it’s expected that the brothers’ lives will take on different paths. Thus, Prince Harry is set on doing things differently from his older brother.

Neither Kensington nor Buckingham Palace has officially commented on the couples’ professional split yet.

Recent Controversy

Prince William and Middleton with their former country friend Rose Hanbury

Meanwhile, some people believe that the true source of animosity between the brothers is Prince William’s alleged infidelity to his wife. Last month, rumors about the monarch being involved with Rose Hanbury erupted. Hanbury, who is wife to the Marquess of Cholmondeley, is part of the royal couple’s close circle of friends.

If true, the affair is an awful reminder of what happened to the two princes’ mother, Princess Diana. The fallout which resulted from Prince Charles’ infidelity caused a rift inside the royal family and led to the separation of Prince William and Prince Harry’s parents.

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