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What Does it Really Mean to Be the World’s Richest? Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos’ Fortune Explained

How does it feel like to be the richest man in the world? Jeff Bezos certainly knows the answer, but he was recently unseated after losing a whopping $7 billion in one night.

Despite the unfortunate, albeit probably unnoticeable, circumstance, the Amazon CEO and founder remains to be a billionaire, period. Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ net worth was only $3 billion short of the 55-year-old’s $110 billion. But how wealthy is the man really is?

Richest after Divorce

Mackenzie Bezos and Jeff Bezos finalized their divorce

Early this year, Jeff and his wife MacKenzie announced that they will go separate ways and three months later, their divorce was finalized. The separation may have not ended well but at least the ex-wife was given 25 percent of the Amazon stocks, which equals $38 million.

Despite paying his former partner a huge sum, the man remained to hold the title as the world’s richest. The philanthropist, who signed up with Giving Pledge, an initiative founded by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, is now trailing behind Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, Alice Walton, and Jacqueline Mars as the world’s richest woman.

Richest but Lost The Most Money

Speaking of letting go of some of his fortune, Jeff has lost the most money than any other billionaires this year. As per Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, he had already lost $15 billion to his net worth estimated in early 2019. Even so, he was still the world’s richest.

Richer than the British Royal Family

How much do you make in a day? Per hour, per second? In case you haven’t given a thought of how much you really earn per minute, ponder on Jeff’s $149,353 per 60 seconds.

That is way higher than the $47,000 median salary of workers per year in the United States as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you do the math, he gets richer by $2,489 per second. Also know that the average $1 American spending is the same as the billionaire’s $1.1 million.

He is worth more than the British royal family

Perhaps to make us even feel worse, the influential British royal clan was estimated to be worth $88 billion two years ago. That means Jeff is even richer than them!

Versus Average Person’s Earnings

According to the Social Security Administration, an average woman who has a bachelor’s degree will receive $1.3 million throughout her life, while $2.2 million for a man. Jeff, meanwhile, earns more than $149,000 in a minute. Let that sink in.

In Comparison to Other Countries

Slovakia’s GDP is $1 billion 

How massive can Jeff’s fortune get? His net worth almost equals Slovakia’s gross domestic product of $109 billion. He is also worth more than the combined GDPs of Iceland, Afghanistan, and Costa Rica, which total $105 billion.

To further illustrate, the Nordic nation has a GDP of $24.5 billion, Afghanistan, $19.9 billion, and Costa Rica, $60.46 billion.

Most Important Question

But how does he make money? This is the million-dollar question. Despite his $110 billion net worth, his annual salary is just $81,840, which is less than what congressmen earn. What really adds to that figure are the Amazon stocks.


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