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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Don’t Want to Live in The Palace Anymore – You’ll Never Guess Where They’re Moving

Despite being royalty, it seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want something that all other newly-married couples want: a place of their own.

As they prepare for the birth of their first child, the couple has decided it’s finally time they move out of the family home and start working on their own place.

Take a look at the location they’re planning to raise their family at…

Moving Out of Kensington Palace

A view of Prince Harry and Markle’s former home located within the Kensington Palace compound

Prince Harry and Markle first settled in at Kensington Palace when they got married in May last year. They lived in close proximity to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s family in the Palace grounds. They even shared an office with them.

Despite having their own cottage on the property of Kensington Gardens, a source close to the couple said that they still felt ‘claustrophobic’ while living in the compound. Their former abode at Kensington is Nottingham Cottage, a small two-bedroom house. They’ve been living in it since their 2017 engagement.

Fortunately, living at Nottingham Cottage was only a temporary arrangement for the couple who are now moving to Frogmore Cottage. Their new home is within the compounds of Windsor estate in Berkshire.

A New Lifestyle

Frogmore Cottage underwent some much-needed renovations to prepare it for the royal couple’s permanent residency

The couple has allegedly started moving in into Frogmore Cottage in advance of Markle’s expected due date this spring.

With the coming of their first baby and their breaking away from the rest of the family, the couple is expected to experience a massive change when it comes to their lifestyle. As one of their close friends comments, Frogmore Cottage will allow them more space and privacy to raise their small family.

What more, the couple will finally be relieved of the rigid constraints that living in Kensington entailed. The cottage also has some sentimental value to Prince Harry and Markle as they shot their engagement portraits and held their wedding after party there.

The five-bedroom cottage underwent six months of renovations to better accommodate the needs of the royal family. Recently released photos of the property indicate that it has since gotten new white exteriors, a darker roof and some modern windows.

Some have even commented that Frogmore Cottage’s new look marries California, Markle’s home state, and English designs together. A definite upgrade from its previously-dilapidated state.

First Guest

Daniel Martin was the makeup artist responsible for Markle’s glowing and elegant wedding look

According to reports, the couple has already entertained their first guest in their new home.

Apparently, Markle’s former makeup artist and fellow American, Daniel Martin happened to be in London and made a side trip to Windsor for a possible visit to the Duchess. Martin even shared a snap of the old, idyllic town on his social media.

The British press believes that Martin indeed paid the couple a visit given his rather close relation to his royal client. It can be remembered that the makeup artist was also one of the guests invited to Markle’s extravagant and exclusive baby shower in New York.

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