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NFL Star Carl Nassib Still Follows a Budget – Here Are Words of Wisdom from the Athlete to Kickstart Your Saving Habits

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of being a one-day billionaire whenever you get your salary. This is just one of the signs that you have poor financial management. It can be hard to think about your retirement, savings, or loans when you get a hold of the fruit of your labor, but with the rising cost of living, you shouldn’t be complacent. No matter how much you earn, you should definitely be a wise saver.

Carl Nassib’s Massive Paycheck

Take a hint from Carl Nassib, the National Football League linebacker, who earns millions but do not spend like one. He signed a $3.6-million deal in 2016 when he was drafted to the Cleveland Browns. The four-year contract also came with an $889,752-bonus. Now, if you’re earning that much, you can buy yourself a new ride or house, but for the athlete, he chose to be thrifty.

Carl Nassib signed a contract with Cleveland Browns three years ago

With the amount he has, Carl didn’t let this get to his head and instead chose to be proactive about it. In fact, he immediately bore in mind that he should be smart about this salary. So, he focused on his career more than how much he earned. It pays to focus on your passion because it could lead you to better opportunities and even more lucrative deals.

Still on a Budget

Three years after the deal with Browns, his base salary became $2.03 million when he became part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite this, he doesn’t go crazy about spending. In fact, Carl only allots $3,500 per month on food, bills, and rent. For miscellaneous expenses, he only spends about $400 to $500.

Carl Nassib finds moving very expensive

He said he’s been diligent in following his budget, which may be because he had not moved teams and so he didn’t transfer to another city – a norm in the field. Carl further highlighted how costly it is to move.

As far as his savings is concerned, the 26-year-old guesses he sets aside 85 percent of his income, thanks to his habit of living well below his means. He finds it hard to spend half of his income within a year, which speaks a lot about how he was keen on saving.

Tips on Saving

Carl also has a tip for people who want to save – but bear in mind that this isn’t only applicable to those who earn millions like him, but is also for average income-earners. Discipline yourself to stick with your budget, he says.

Yes, Starbucks looks too inviting as you head your way to the office, but you can save more if you prepare a cup at home early in the morning. All it takes is perseverance and patience to pull yourself together and think of creative ways to lessen your expenses.

Instead of ignoring your debts, be honest about it

The NFL star also advises you to be honest. It’s easy to deny your ballooning credit card balances of lavish purchases that you don’t really need or ignore the fact that you are low on the budget but this will only make things worse. Lastly, Carl said to always be contented with what you have, which is really something hard to do. Appreciate what you already have and avoid looking for what you lack.

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