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Michael Douglas is Doing Everything to Sell His Mallorca Home– Find Out Why He’s Having Trouble Offloading the $32.38 Million Estate

Who wouldn’t want to live in the Mediterranean island paradise that is Mallorca? Veteran actor Michael Douglas apparently. For years now, the 74-year-old A-lister has been trying to sell his seaside home on the Spanish island to no avail.

Here’s his latest move to hasten the sale of the massive property.

More Involvement

Douglas posing in front of his vacation home during the 90s

Perhaps trying to use his star power to drum up more interest in his listing, Douglas has recently lent his voice for a promotional video featuring the home. In the video, he narrated the history of the beautiful cliffside villa saying how it was first owned by Ludwig Salvator of Habsburg, an Austrian archduke.

According to Douglas, the main house was bought by Salvator in the 1860s. The rest of the villa as it is today was a result of the subsequent renovations that the Archduke did while lived there. These additions include the smooth stucco walls and the decorative crenelations found in the home’s roofs.

The stone steps that run down the cliff where the villa stands on are also said to be the Salvator’s idea. Another one of his additions is a bathhouse located on the rooftop of the main house said to be built for his cousin Sisi, who was then the empress of the Austrian empire.

Douglas bought the property back in 1990 with his ex-wife Diandra Luker for $3.5 million. He and his current wife actress Catherine Zeta-Jones then put the estate up for sale in 2014 asking for $60 million. Unfortunately, it didn’t manage to attract a new owner and languished in the market for several years. Thus, the couple decided to bring down their asking price for the Spanish villa down to $32.38 million almost just half of their original price.

‘Spiritual Home’

The villa stands on 250 acres of land and is composed of an assortment of small buildings

Known as the S’Estaca, the property is also referred to by the actor as his ‘spiritual home’. But as Douglas revealed in his voiceover, his life is taking a different turn now and he wants to find the house a new owner who will enjoy it as much as he did.

The estate is composed of various structures including five apartments, two cottages and a vineyard. In the main house are 10 bedrooms as well as an assortment of entertainment facilities such as a home theater, a library and a heated pool just outside. Douglas reportedly spent a total of $6 million renovating and fixing up the place.

Signs of Disrepair

Douglas and Zeta-Jones married in 2000. Together, they own five homes but live primarily in New York City

While Douglas did spend millions on the place when he first bought it, reports claim that the villa has since fallen into disrepair. The actor used to spend half the year in Mallorca even getting involved in different local actikvites, but residents say that he hasn’t been sighted on the island for around four years now.

With its owner missing in action, the villa remained exposed to the elements damaging its tiles. A scarecrow was even erected on the property as an act of vandalism.

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