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Luxury Carmaker Bentley Set to Launch Flagship EV Car in 2025

The unveiling of the Bentayga hybrid and the new Bentley Continental GT marks Bentley’s first attempt in testing the waters of an electrified future. This is part of the company’s ambitious plan to hybridize every model in its lineup by 2023 and eventually launch its first fully-electric vehicle in 2025. 

The British exotic car manufacturer aims to be the first in the luxury sector to become fully carbon neutral. This is in line with their commitment to the 2040 Paris Climate accord and to meet the growing demands of car enthusiasts for environmentally and ethically sustainable luxury vehicles. 

Bentley has been dipping their toes in the market for electrical cars with the Bentayga Hybrid.

About 39 percent of luxury car enthusiasts are in constant lookout for a powertrain electric vehicle that is carbon-free to add to their collection. With the growing market of car collectors who are equally passionate about the future of sustainable cars, Bentley is stepping up to fill that gap in the market of luxury cars. They invested tens of billions of dollars to become the first group in the Volkswagen empire to become completely carbon neutral in all stages of production. 

However, the company is not in a rush to launch its first zero-emission electric vehicle. They are anticipating the increase in power density or the introduction of solid-state batteries to reduce manufacturing cost. In an interview with Top Gear, CEO of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark acknowledged that price is the biggest concern for customers. 

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark with the Continental GT.

Hallmark also illustrated the current financial burden of the lack of affordable batteries. He mentioned that even in Bentley’s price range, batteries cost six times the price of an engine and the engine is already 20 percent of the total cost of the car. If you calculate that, a Bentley EV will be 120 percent more expensive just because batteries are expensive. 

Electric vehicles are currently costly to produce and sell but Hallmark is confident that Bentley will be able to build a proper Bentley EV that upholds the brand’s ethos with their known roadmap by 2025/26. 

Hallmark is confident that Bentley will be able to produce proper Bentley EVs.

In addition to that, Hallmark also gave a hint that Bentley’s upcoming flagship electric vehicle will be a special recreation of one of its classics—a high price but low range figure coming from the legendary British coachbuilder, Mulliner. 

Bentley’s rich heritage paired with their constant pursuit of a radically different luxury world guarantees an exciting future for sustainable yet luxurious electric vehicles.

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