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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Most Expensive Investments

Leonardo DiCaprio became the sweetheart of millions of ladies when he joined Titanic movie crew. The superstar has acted for close to 30 years and he is not slowing down. The actor who has built a brand name is doing exceedingly great for himself financially.  DiCaprio found fame in 1993 when he featured as a young mental derailed Arnie Grape in the movie ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.’ We can say that the rest has become history.

DiCaprio has bagged five Oscar nominations in his career and won one Oscar. He has not allowed his success to stop him from making more money for himself. The celebrity whose leading movie roles includes The Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic, and The Aviator has invested in many investments including a virtual reality startup MindMaze.

Some of the actor’s other businesses include Love The Wild, mattress maker Casper, data analytics company Qloo, and garbage startup Rubicon Global. DiCaprio strongly believes in MindMaze because the VR technology could be used in creating amazing interactive animated shorts and films.

DiCaprio may be doing a lot of investments but the journey has not been smooth. There were times when he sinks in the murky business world and finds his way back.


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