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Latest to Jump The Property Buying Bandwagon – Alexander Wang

It looks like property selling isn’t the only trend gripping the celeb world. The rich and famous are buying new homes too! 

In the Coronavirus era when so many people are still struggling to make ends meet, there are people from the glamor world who’re splashing money left, right, and center. And why shouldn’t they, they have loads of it. But hey, we’re not ones to complain since all of it makes for great entertainment, doesn’t it?

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On that note, today we’ve got juicy news about popular fashion designer Alexander Wang. Recently, Wang dished out $1.8 million for a Pavilion-style mid century House in Westchester County. Completed in the 1960s, the five-acre property has a 2,692 square foot main house which is surrounded by pristine woodlands. And as per reports, it was designed by two anonymous Bauhaus architects.


Architectural Digest | Fashion designer Alexander Wang recently bought a Pavilion-style mid century House

Let’s take a quick tour of the property, shall we?

Sneak peek inside the house

The walls of the house are covered with stark white color, and the honey-toned hardwood floors complement it just like jam to bread. The house is divided into three wings, with room and bathrooms on each wing. The wood-accented stucco and glass manor has two stone-paved courtyards that help in dividing the three wings. Additionally, the living room has a complete wall dedicated to windows from which you can see the beautiful scenery outside.


Dirt | The five-acre property has cost him $1.8 million

Next in line is the spacious kitchen that opens up to the dining area which again leads to the family room. Facing the front of the house are two guest bedrooms along with attached powder rooms. The primary bedroom drops out through a wall covered with windows to a little balcony where you can relax and enjoy nature. This is just the main house, but the overall land has many more spots left to uncover.

Near the entrance gate is a two-car garage. On top of the garage there’s room for a detached studio, which can be used as an art studio or a guesthouse. The kitchen is the calmest place with walls covered in glasses from where you can feel the warmth of sunlight. Moreover, there’s a stunning teardrop-shaped pool and dense backyard.

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Harper’s Bazaar | The property is everything Wang was looking for according to an interview he gave in 2017

Summing it up

Alexander’s new mansion will definitely give him a break from his residence in Manhattan. Earlier in 2017, Wang interviewed about shifting to an apartment that’s cozy and has separate rooms along with an outdoor space. Well, looks like he’s found his dream house! Here’s hoping that this new property will play a healthy part in fulfilling his goals.

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