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Land Of Billionaires: Here Are The Richest People In Europe

According to Forbes, currently, the world holds a number of 2,668 billionaires, and collectively they are worth a hefty $12.7 trillion. Out of the 2,668 billionaires, 592 are in Europe. This number was 628 in 202, when the sum of the richest billionaires in Europe was nearly $3 trillion. However, due to a single global hotspot, the number has now been driven down to $2.8 trillion. Countries like France, Germany, and Sweden happen to be some of the countries that have the most billionaires. Let’s talk about the richest people that live on the continent. 


The number of billionaires in Italy is 52, and the country’s total net worth is $194.5 billion! The wealthiest person living in Italy is known by the name of Giovanni Ferrero; he is the successor of the dynasty of Tic Tac, Nutella, and Kinder Egg. The man’s worth is approximately $36.2 billion! In 2022, there are six new billionaires in Italy; one of them is a woman named Susan Carol Holland, who has reportedly made her wealth through hearing aids.

Zoe Pappas/Pexels | The wealthiest man in Italy is currently the heir of three dynasties


There are 43 billionaires currently living in France, and the country’s total net worth is $550 billion! Fashion, beauty, and luxury are the reasons behind the wealth of the richest people living in France. They’ve even made quite a name for themselves in the industry. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers (L’Oréal), Bernard Arnault (LVMH), the Wertheimer brothers (Chanel), and François Pinault (Kering). The wealth of these few people alone sums up to make a whopping $335 billion! Since 2021, there has been a new billionaire in France—Laurent Junique. She is the founder and CEO of a business process outsourcing firm TDCX, and a call center based in Singapore. 

Rebrand Cities/Pexels | Some of the richest people in France happen to be business owners


Norway’s number of billionaires is 13, while its total net worth is a mere $40.9 billion. Andreas Halvorsen is an investor and also the richest man to walk in the land of Norway. However, his fellow countryman Ivar Tollefsen comes in as a close second. Halvorsen’s work is in the real estate business and is currently the owner of up to 100,000 apartments scattered all over the European continent. Since last year, the man saw a boost of $2.2 billion to his net worth.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator/Pexels | The 2nd richest man in Norway is in the real estate business and is most definitely working his way up

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