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Lady Gaga Gives Rihanna & Kim K a Run For Their Money as She Launches Her Very Own Beauty Brand

In the past few years, plenty of celebrity-owned makeup brands were launched. Some of the first ones to do so are reality stars and sister Kylie Jenner with her line Kylie Cosmetics and older sis Kim Kardashian with KKW Cosmetics. Perhaps, seeing the profitability of the beauty business, singer turned actress Rihanna followed suit with her own brand, Fenty.

And now, Riri’s fellow musician, Lady Gaga is about to join the fold with her new makeup line.

Haus Laboratories

A promotional photo of the upcoming Haus Laboratories makeup products

Taking to Instagram, Lady Gaga confirmed the rumors and announced the coming of her own brand. In the announcement, the 33-year-old pop diva said that another beauty brand is the last thing the world needs but that’s too bad because she’s coming out with her own.

While fans speculated that the line would be called Haus Beauty, it ended up being called ‘Haus Laboratories‘. Not much is known about the brand yet but that will soon change as its beauty products will start to be available for pre-order on Amazon Prime Day in nine countries. What more, all Prime users can get their orders fast because of the two-day shipping option.

According to the musician, her line will include makeup products from lip glosses to all-over color products. The latter are products which can be used for multiple parts from lips to cheeks to eyes and will come in a variety of shades. Meanwhile, the kip glosses will reportedly retail for $16. The official launch of the brand will take place this coming September.

Confidence Struggles

Promotional material for the makeup line also features Lady Gaga herself

The ‘A Star Is Born’ actress also revealed the special meaning that the makeup line holds for her in an Instagram post. As it turns out, the flamboyant and bold singer hasn’t always been confident with herself revealing how she never actually felt beautiful when she was young. It was during her struggle to find inner and outer beauty that she discovered the power that makeup has.

After seeing her mother do her makeup in the mornings, Gaga said that she began to experiment with makeup as well. And that was when she created ‘Lady Gaga’. The star was originally born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta to an Italian Catholic family in New York City.

In the end, the star said that she is thankful that she found the bravery she didn’t know she had within her through makeup. She was just weird, she says, But she was ‘born this way’.

‘Born This Way’

Lady Gaga attending and performing at different pride events

The last phrase of her post is a call back to her hit single ‘Born This Way‘ which has since been used as a sort of unofficial anthem by the LGBT community, which also make up a good part of her fanbase. The singer is also an ally of the movement having been spotted participating in various pride events in the past.

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