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Kim K Really Wants to Make Her Style More Affordable For Fans, So She Came Up With This New Collection

Say what you want about the Kardashians but there’s no doubt that they have personal styles coveted by other women.

Some may argue that having the amount of money and clout they have, it’s kind of expected that they dress impeccably well. Kim Kardashian wants to change that belief.

Wanting to make her style more affordable for her fans, Kim K has recently teamed up with a luxury goods designer to create a line of Kardashian-approved sunglasses on the cheap.

New Line of Sunglasses

An ad featuring Kardashian wearing the sunglasses she designed

The 38-year-old trendsetter just announced her partnership with Carolina Lemke, an Israeli designer specialized in eyewear. The seven-piece collection was designed by Kardashian herself and features sci-fi inspired retro-90s sunglasses.

Kardashian first took interest in Lemke’s after seeing the ad campaign released in Israel that her friend, Bar Rafaeli, modeled for. Soon after, the two parties were meeting with each other to discuss how they can introduce Lemke’s brand to the American market.

They ended up doing a collaboration and enlisting Kardashian as both designer and investor for the brand. According to Kardashian, her role as designer enabled her to participate in every step of the ‘fun’ process of creating sunglasses.

Kim K’s Designing Process

Some sample pieces in Kardashian and Lemke’s collaboration.

When it came to designing her sunglasses, Kardashian said that she chose shapes, sizes, and colors that she rarely sees in stores but always wanted to wear. Thus, she ended up with a collection of sunglasses with sporty shapes and colorful lenses.

Another aspect she paid attention to is the pricing of her collection. Kardashian wanted to create products that are affordable enough for regular women who want to emulate her style without breaking the bank. What more, she wanted these products to be as high quality as possible.

According to PopSugar, the sunglasses are currently being sold for $90 a pop on the Carolina Lemke official website.

Reflection Of Her Personal Style

Kardashian’s wardrobe is a mix of expensive luxury clothes and more affordable pieces.

The affordable yet high-end collection is somewhat a reflection of Kardashian’s personal style.

According to the reality star, she embraces a ‘high-low’ approach when it comes to dressing herself. This means styling her high end, designer clothes together with cheaper retail clothes on the daily. An example outfit using this high-low principle is Kardashian’s habit of wearing American Apparel jeans with Chanel jackets and other designer items.

Some of her favorite ‘low end’ clothing brand are H & M, Zara and, of course, American Apparel where she buys her hoodies and tank tops. On the other hand, her favorite designer labels are Gucci, Tom Ford, and Yeezy, which is owned by her husband Kanye West.

The collaboration isn’t the star’s first foray into the fashion business. She has previously owned a chain of boutique stores called DASH together with her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney. Starting with one store in Calabasas back in 2006, the sisters managed to expand their brand into two more locations before closing shop in 2018.

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