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How Justin Bieber Blows $1 Million On Parties and Friends Every Month

Justin Bieber has grown into a mature and responsible young man. He has not been like this before because he has courted the law agencies for years. There was a time, Bieber would splash $1 million  on partying and his friends every month.  The outrageous money he spends on his wild life seems like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, a break down on what he does in a single night outing can make you a believer.

In 2014, the singer went to a Miami club and wasted $75,000. Celebrities wasting a lot of their hard earned money on stuffs like this are not surprising.  We have seen many blew more than this amount on drinks.

Bieber got a high taste when it comes to what he wears. He had bought an expensive Stewie Griffin necklace that was estimated to cost $25,000.  These are ways Bieber burnt his fortune. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t spend his money on other more expensive stuffs.

The singer is currently married to Hailey Baldwin. We have seen him behave responsible these days as he tries to remain a man he has become.

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