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Has Johnny Depp Gone Broke? Here Are The Latest Developments About the Actor’s Former Cases & Latest $50 Million Lawsuit

The recent years surely haven’t been kind to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ actor Johnny Depp. Racked with controversy after controversy, the former 90s matinee idol seems to have fallen far from his former status as Hollywood’s leading man.

Last year, news of the actor’s lavish lifestyle gave rise to rumors that he’s already squandered his hundred-million net worth. It didn’t help that he has also decided to go public with a lawsuit against his former lawyers for allegedly mismanaging his finances.

Trial Moved

Depp is suing his ex-lawyer Jacob Bloom, who was under his employment for two decades

Amidst controversy concerning his ex-wife actress Amber Heard, Depp is in a two-year ongoing legal battle against his former lawyer Jacob Bloom and his law firm. The actor initially lodged his lawsuit in 2017 after accusing Bloom of pocketing $30 million worth of fees.

However, it seems like Depp’s quest for justice will further be postponed as Bloom and his lawyers advocated for the case’s hearing to be moved from September this year to March of next year. The motion was approved by Judge Terry Green after the actor’s lawyers showed up late following a supposed medical emergency.

Green was actually planning to settle on a November hearing but reportedly changed his mind and pushed the date to next year. It would be the fourth trial for Depp’s malpractice lawsuit.

More Time Needed

Depp decided to change lawyers for his lawsuit against Bloom earlier in the year

The judge was further persuaded by Bloom’s team to postpone the hearing saying they need more time to go over some paperwork regarding the case. It also didn’t help that Depp and his lawyers seem to be reluctant in handing over vital information that will help the lawsuit progress in a timely manner.

It even came to a point where Bloom and Depp’s lawyers were exchanging heated words about the predicament with the defense accusing the other party of trying to play the court and the justice system.

It’s also worth noting that Depp is also being sued by his former lawyer, who helped him file the lawsuit in the first place. According to the law firm Buckley LLP, the 55-year-old actor still hasn’t paid the $347,979.89 balance he was supposed to settle in January of this year. Depp’s agent initially promised to pay the firm by May but hasn’t actually fulfilled this assurance as of latest.

Defamation Lawsuit

The actor met Heard on the set of a film and married her in 2015

There’s also Depp’s ongoing case against his ex-wife seeking $50 million in damages after Heard allegedly lied about him abusing her during their tumultuous marriage. The former couple has been in a highly-publicized battle against each other for years now beginning with Heard filing for divorce against the actor in 2016.

Since then, the controversy has turned into a dizzying she-said, he-said tale with both parties accusing the other of domestic abuse. Commenting on Depp’s latest lawsuit against the actress, Heard’s lawyer claims that the act is only an attempt by the actor to silence his ex.

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