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Jay-Z and Beyonce Are the Ultimate Power Couple With a Combined Fortune That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

If the world of popular music has a royal couple, that would probably be Jay-Z and Beyonce. Both individually and as a pair, the two musicians have proven their talents over and over again selling millions of albums and winning numerous music awards throughout the years.

But they aren’t done wowing everyone just yet. With Jay-Z reaching the billion-dollar mark recently, the couple’s net worth has reached a high of $1.4 billion, making them one of the wealthiest celebrity duos yet. So, what makes up their massive fortune?

Queen Bey’s Fortune

The singing diva has won 23 Grammys over the course of her career as part of Destiny’s Child and as a solo artist

The 37-year-old artist and mother of three started out her music career as a member of the successful musical group, Destiny’s Child. Proving her ability to become a standalone act, she was able to build a solo career for herself in the early 2000s. Now, the iconic artist has produced six studio albums and has secured her spot in the halls of pop music history.

She currently has a net worth of $400 million, according to Forbes, which makes her one of the richest self-made women in America. One of her most recent payouts includes a $60 million deal with Netflix and it’s about the documentary ‘Homecoming’, which chronicled her performance at Coachella in 2018. But most of her fortune is built from the profits of the many successful tours, album sales, and brand deals she’s scored over the years. She’s also ventured into the world of fashion with the launch of her Ivy Park athleisure line.

First Rapper Billionaire

Jay-Z with some of Roc Nation’s biggest clients

While Jay-Z has also made a ton of money from his music ventures, his billion-dollar fortune is mainly composed of the values of his two businesses in the liquor industry: Armand de Brignac and  D’Ussé. The champagne and the cognac brand are currently valued at $310 million and $100 million respectively.

Perhaps learning from a lunch he had with famous investor Warren Buffett, Jay-Z has also invested quite a large sum of money on a stock portfolio that includes companies like Uber where he has an estimated $70 million worth of stakes in. In total, Forbes says that the rapper billionaire has around $220 million in cash and investments.

Another large part of Jay-Z’s fortune is his streaming company Tidal which is valued at $100 million. The company is owned by the musician along with other artist friends who have stakes in the streaming service.

Family of Five

The couple currently has three children, Blue Ivy and the twins, Sir, and Rumi (inset photo)

After initially meeting in 2002 during a musical collaboration, the couple got married in a private ceremony in 2008. They had their first child, Blue Ivy, in 2012. Five years later, they welcomed their twins Sir and Rumi in 2017.

While they’re still quite private about their personal lives, it seems like the couple has built a tight family unit as they continue to grow their careers and increase their fortune.

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