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Inspiring Story of Adele’s Rise to Stardom Will Make You Love Her Even More

Adele may have allegedly retired from her music career but she will forever rule the music industry as one of the most talented and soulful singers in the history. Many of us don’t know much about the childhood of the ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ singer, whose real name is Adele Adkins. Like most Hollywood stars, she also has an inspiring rags-to-riches story. Her mother was only eighteen when she gave birth to Adele in 1998.

She didn’t meet her father who walked away from the family when she was hardly two years old. Adele was born with an enviable voice that saw her sing at the age of four. No one in her family could sing like her. The family listened to her melodious voice as she sang songs by Ettas and Ellas. At the age of 15, Adele listened to 40s music and her friends couldn’t understand her bizarre passion.

She uploaded three of her songs to her page on MySpace and “Hometown Glory” drew the attention of a record label called XL. XL signed Adele the year she clocked 18 years after graduating from high school. She was everywhere, winning almost awards and living the life she couldn’t fathom until 2011.

The future looked bleak when she suffered from laryngitis during a tour. But, her vocal cord didn’t sound like Adele when she recovered. She abandoned music to take a long rest to avoid destroying her voice.  When she returned, it was as if the music industry was waiting to take her back with open arms.

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