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Here’s a List of Million-dollar Cars, the Last One on the list is Our Personal Favorite

Whenever and antique car collector visits auctions, there are familiar with the price tags that are more than a single numbered million. It is not inevitable that they will go through with the purchase, but due to their keen interest in the specifications in the technical frameworks of cars, they will observe the minute details that make one car different and unique from others.

There are other cars with limited editions; just to drive those cars off the lot can cost you some money.

These cars aren’t in everyone’s buying range, and they shan’t be. As these cars won’t be helpful in going for grocery shopping and driving your kids to school, they are a gift with twin-turbo engines only ideal for speeding.

Here’s a list of cars with price tags worth more than $1 million. Scroll further.

Jaguar Hybrid Supercar – $1.1 million

At the Parish Motor show, in 2010, the car was first debuted by Jaguar. Jaguar announced that it will only manufacture 250 units of the vehicle with an average selling price of $1.1 million.

Pagani Huayra – 1.1 million

Being named on the car on the fearsome God of wind, Huayra is manufactured under an Italian sports car manufacturing company, Pagani.  It has successfully penetrated the American car manufacturers. With 700-horse power, the car weighs just 3,000 pounds.

McLaren F1 – $1.1

Hello, need for speed fans. The car was honored by a car magazine in 199 to be the most exquisite driving engine built for the public road. This road monster exceeds 200 miles per hour and stops instantly when brakes are applied that supports the claim of the magazine.

Bugatti Veyron Sedan – $1.4 million

Manufactured under the French name, the car is one of the luxurious pieces of engine to-day.  This newly revived piece of the vehicle was introduced by Veyron after Volkswagen spent more than 1.5 billion dollars to produce it.

Aston Martin One 77 – $2 million

The Aston Martin One-77 received many praises in the Geneva Motor Show. As the name suggests, only 77 units of the car were produced. The car magazine TOP GEAR honored the car by describing it as “stunning.”

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento – 2.9 Million

The exclusive, elite, and luxurious set of wheels on the earth so far. Not every tom and jerry can afford the cost of purchasing this vehicle. Those who can, will only store them in their garages. Lamborghini just announced that they will be making only twenty pieces of the car.

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