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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Serena Williams’ Internet Entrepreneur Husband Alexis Ohanian

Fans of the tennis superstar have surely seen her husband cheering from the sidelines during tennis matches. And sometimes, he would even take their daughter with him to watch Serena Williams show her skills on the tennis court. But who really is Alexis Ohanian aside from being Williams’ other half?

Reddit Co-Founder

Ohanian and his collaborator Huffman first envisioned Reddit as the ‘front page of the Internet’.

Netizens may recognize the 36-year-old due to his attachment to the popular social news aggregation and discussion website, Reddit. Together with Steve Huffman, Ohanian co-founded the platform in 2005 and even served as its executive chairman in 2014. More than a decade since it’s founding, Reddit is now reportedly valued at $3 billion. In comparison, the two founders sold the company in 2006 for just $10 million to Condé Nast when Ohanian was just 23 years old.

Due to his online influence, the entrepreneur has also been dubbed by Forbes as ‘The Mayor Of The Internet’. Back in 2012, it can be remembered that Ohanian was invited to speak in Congress. His appearance was sought because of the then-controversial ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’.

Aside from his Reddit stint, Ohanian also co-founded another successful business venture, Initialized Capital, a capital firm which reportedly handles around $500 million in assets. His current net worth is estimated to be around $9 million as of latest. Meanwhile, his wife athlete wife brings in about $180 million into the union.

How They Met

Ohanian can now be frequently seen watching and cheering for his wife during tennis matches.

The power couple first met in 2015 at a hotel in Rome, Italy. Williams was in the European country for the Italian Open at the time while Ohanian was there as a speaker for the Festival of Media Global conference. According to an interview Williams gave to Vanity Fair, their paths crossed one morning when the entrepreneur sat next to her table which was next to the hotel pool. There were other vacant tables and the tennis star actually asked Ohanian to switch seats.

Taking things in stride, he made light of the situation with a joke and Williams ended up inviting him to join her and her friends. After hitting it off, she then asked him to watch one of her games despite Ohanian admitting to her that he didn’t know much about the sport. Their second date happened in another country when they went on a six-hour date in Paris.

Father of One

Alexis Olympia became the youngest person to grace the cover of Vogue when she joined her mom on the cover.

The couple welcomed their first daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. in 2017 and it seems like the entrepreneur has not much trouble handling fatherhood. He even made news once after he posted an adorable tweet talking about how he asked to join a couple of Facebook groups about natural hair. Apparently, the devoted father is determined to learn how to get better at doing his daughter’s hair. He even joked about the potential that the groups would decline him after seeing his profile photo.

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