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This is How Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Heidi Klum Ended Up With A $2 Million Insurance For Her Legs

It’s no secret that celebrities and models make their money using their good looks. So, it seems only logical that they invest both time and money trying to take care of their appearance. However, some celebs just take this self-care to the extreme.

While there are those who go under the knife to improve their looks, there are also those who take out million-dollar insurance policies on their most prized body parts. Former Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum belongs to the latter group of celebs.

Multi-Million Dollar Legs

Klum says that one of her legs turned out pricier than the other after being evaluated

Speaking with Extra some years ago, the now-46-year-old model turned host revealed that her legs were insured for a total of $2 million. She clarified though that the idea wasn’t originally hers but came from a previous client. Klum then recalled the process she went through to have them insured.

According to the German model, she was in London and had to go to a ‘place where they check out your legs’. Upon arriving, her stems were examined. By the end, she said that her right leg turned out to be more valuable than her left one as the latter had a scar on it from when she fell on some glass. Unfortunately, she didn’t reveal which company did her the favor of ensuring her prized assets.

Heidi’s Success

Klum and Tim Gunn also served as mentors to the competing designers on the show

Since she retired her angel wings, Klum might no longer have to worry about her legs. She has managed to stay relevant in the fashion and entertainment industries. She further gained popularity when she appeared as a host and judge for the reality fashion design competition series ‘Project Runway‘. Klum also enjoyed a stint on ‘America’s Got Talent’ as a panel judge.

Aside from her hosting and judging gigs, the blonde stunner also makes her money serving as a producer for some of the shows she’s associated with. And as a former supermodel, she still earns the big bucks through endorsement deals with brands like Mattel, Volkswagen, H&M and even McDonald’s. Her current net worth is estimated to be around $90 million so she can now definitely take out her own multi-million insurance for her legs should she want to do so again.

Klum began her modeling career when she was 18 years old and won a competition in her home country of Germany. She, later on, garnered widespread popularity and even landed a cover on Sports Illustrated magazine in 1998. And just a year after, she became the first German model to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Other Insured Celeb Legs

Beckham once had the ‘largest personal insurance policy in sports history’ during his playing years

But it isn’t only Klum who has valuable legs. Singer Taylor Swift has reportedly considered taking out an insurance policy for her famous long stems which were said to be valued at a whopping $40 million.

Still, they’re both no match for soccer legend David Beckham, whose legs, feet and face were once insured for $195 million.

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