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Fashion Victory? The Real Truth Behind Kim Kardashian’s $2.7 Million Lawsuit Win

The Kardashians’ sphere of influence has always included fashion and style. While not everyone appreciates the reality stars’ particular styles, the sisters have been known to start clothing trends. But as with all good things, there’s a downside to this influence as well.

Back in February, Kim Kardashian lodged a lawsuit against the popular fashion retailer Missguided for allegedly copying her looks and making money with the knock-offs. Months after, the legal battle is finally over. This is how it ended:

Millions in Damages

The fashion brand opened its first physical store in 2016

A California judge has reportedly awarded the 38-year-old celeb $2.7 million in damages and an additional $59,000 in legal costs. The judgment was made against the United States arm of the clothing company which is originally based in the United Kingdom after they failed to respond to Kardashian’s lawsuit against them. Furthermore, the judge, Virginia A. Phillips, has also ruled that the company must never use any of the reality star’s trademarks in their sale and marketing of products.

Missguided is a well-known fast fashion brand which carries popular and trendy clothing items. It was founded in 2009 and has a target market of women around the ages of 16 years old to 35 years old. Aside from carrying on-trend pieces, the brand is also known for its relatively cheap prices and inclusivity of various sizes.

Copycat Company

Kardashian once captioned an Instagram post joking about fast fashion brands anticipating to copy the look she was wearing in the picture

Kardashian’s lawsuit notably called out fast fashion brands for their notorious habit of ‘knocking off’ clothes and entire outfits worn by celebrities like her. But their questionable business practices didn’t stop there. The lawsuit also accused these brands of using the photos and names of these celebrities in order to sell the copycat products.

According to Business Insider, the legal battle was sparked after Missguided indirectly replied to one of Kardashian’s Instagram posts. After the reality star posted the photo with the caption pictured above, the British company’s own Instagram account posted a photo showing a similar dress to Kardashian’s.

The company captioned their post with a message that seemed to be a reply to Kardashian’s previous post. They even tagged her in the post and mentioned that the dress will soon be available to purchase online. The said post has since been deleted off their account.

Contradictions Revealed

Both Jenner and Kardashian have been seen wearing looks that were eventually knocked off and sold on another fast fashion site.

While Kardashian’s lawsuit win seems to spell a victory for fashion, contradicting accusations have also surfaced against her. An Instagram account, Diet Prada, has called out the suspicious timing of Kardashian’s wearing of designer clothes and their appearance on another fast fashion brand’s model’s account.

Diet Prada brought out receipts showing Yodit Yemane, a Fashion Nova model, wearing a Mugler knock-off dress days before Kardashian stepped out in the original one. But things don’t stop there. The popular Instagram account has also noticed how Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday outfits were already appearing on the Fashion Nova website mere hours after she was seen wearing them leading to speculations that Kardashian may be coordinating with the brand.

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