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Has Fame Really Gotten to These Celebs’ Heads? These Outrageous Hotel and Backstage Requests Will Prove It

Celebrities are often accused of exhibiting diva-esque behaviors as they become more and more successful.

But is there actually any truth to these rumors?

Read and judge for yourself.

Rihanna’s Animal Print Obsession

Rihanna is a great many things. She’s a fantastic singer, an accomplished songwriter and a savvy businesswoman. But do these achievements justify her reportedly elaborate hotel requests?

According to sources, the hitmaker has a personal team of assistants whose job is to make sure that everything in her hotel room is up to standard. Riri allegedly wants blue or black drapes (with an icy blue chiffon top layer), a set of six scented candles and most importantly, a special, clean rug with a cheetah print which she would walk on barefoot.

Adele’s Food Cravings

Adele eventually decided to cut out her favorite food out of her diet in order to preserve her voice.

Before vocal powerhouse Adele became committed to clean eating, her pizza cravings were uncontrollable.

As one anecdote tells, the British singer once had a strong hankering for her favorite pizza while staying at a farmhouse in the countryside. She then ordered one of the hotel’s staff to go all the way to London just to get her a box of it. That’s a long 140-mile trip for context.

But here’s the catch, she was already asleep when the pizza arrived leaving untouched and wasting the staff’s mighty efforts.

Beyonce Is Brand Loyal

Like fellow Grammy award-winner Rihanna, Queen Bey has her own set of hotel room requests before she can settle in her room and get to work.

According to reports, the pop diva requires her room to always be set at 78o exactly. She also needs her room to be stocked with “heavily seasoned” chicken legs and tons of cans of Pepsi.

Why Pepsi, you ask? Apparently, the soda endorser can’t be seen drinking anything else than Pepsi lest she wants to violate her contract.

Selena Gomez Ain’t Dealin’ With Any More Justins

The two singers were formerly in an on-again, off-again relationship which ended in 2018.

Will there ever be a time when Selena Gomez’ name will no longer be associated with that of her former beau Justin Bieber? Well, Gomez is determined to hasten time and make that a reality as soon as possible.

She started by making any one of her staff team members named Justin to change their names.

Meanwhile, her ex seems to be thriving after their breakup what with Bieber being now hitched to model Hailey Baldwin.

Taylor Swift’s  Caffeine Fix

Taylor Swift is no stranger to outrageous about her spreading like wildfire. Compared to these, her specific backstage request pales in comparison.

Like a lot of working Americans, Swift allegedly needs her caffeine fix of a serving of grande iced Americano (with precisely two sugars and a splash of soy milk) before she can function in the mornings.

Lady Gaga’s Strange Dressing Room Companion

Lady Gaga is known for her usually out-of-this-world wardrobe choices.

With everything she’s achieved as an artist and as an actress, Lady Gaga has probably gained the right to have a bit of a diva-esque attitude.

However, her backstage request borders on the weirder side instead. Aside from decorating her dressing room with Queen and David Bowie posters, she also needs one mannequin complete with pink hair to keep her company.

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