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The Doctor is Home—Here’s a Look Inside Dr. Oz’s Family Mansion in New Jersey

About two decades ago, Turkish-American celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz and his author wife, Lisa, went on looking for the perfect home for their growing family. However, they couldn’t seem to find the right abode where they could put down roots. That’s when the couple realized that they might just have to build what they needed from scratch.

They finally came across their ideal plot atop the Palisades. The lot is situated in a hilly spot in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. A selling point of the property is that it overlooks the Manhattan skyline. Lisa revealed that they wanted to have views of the Hudson River since Mehmet’s family back in Istanbul loved looking at the Bosphorus Sea.

Mehmet and Lisa Oz built their family mansion from scratch two decades ago

Mehmet, who travels to the city at 6:30 in the morning to film The Dr. Oz Show or attend to patients at the NY Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center, loves the calming vibe of the place in the early morning light.

The property was looking promising for the Ozes at that point. However, there was a major problem. The house standing on the lot was deemed unsafe. They can’t even walk around inside. But that roadblock was thrown out the window when Dr. Oz saw the property’s aerial photo. He was so convinced that it was precisely what they needed that he purchased it on that same day.

The design and construction of the Mediterranean-inspired home took two years in the making, with Lisa orchestrating the project. Their mansion now has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and ceilings soaring 12 feet high.

The Ozes spend fun-filled bonding moments with their grandchildren in their main living area dotted with toy bins

For the last 20 years, Dr. Oz, Lisa, and their 4 children—Daphne, Arabella, Zoe, and Oliver—have built memories inside their home. It has witnessed countless celebrations of birthdays and milestones and will continue for years to come even though their children have already moved out. There will be more parties happening this June as the couple will be celebrating their 35th year of marriage, and Dr. Oz will be entering his 60s. The couple is planning to have a birthday party at their mansion and will be going on holiday for their anniversary.

Their empty nest recently became a family home again as their eldest child, Daphne, moved back in with her husband and four kids. Daphne will reportedly be co-hosting The Good Dish, the cooking show spin-off of her dad’s series, this fall. Daphne and her family will be staying over at her parents’ pool house as they find a new place to settle down in.

This new arrangement lets Dr. Oz and Lisa have more bonding moments with their grandchildren—Philomena, Jovan Jr., Domenica, and Giovanna. Mehmet revealed that he likes it when their grandkids come over at the house and make the place buzzing again. Their main living area has been transformed into a kid-friendly space with bins of toys and a comfortable leather couch.

Dr. Oz loves playing basketball to keep in shape, so he has an indoor half-court in his home

Speaking of playtime, Dr. Oz also has his own playroom in the basement and it’s a game lover’s dream man cave. It boasts of pool and foosball tables and a basketball half-court. The mansion also has other amenities like a gym, a movie theater, and a wine cellar.

Even with all these perks, the couple thinks that it’s the memories that they have had in their New Jersey family home that make it special.

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