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David Lee Finally Shows Full Extent of His Jaw-Dropping Ferrari Collection

David Lee has something that almost all men dream of but only a few will ever get to have: a Ferrari collection.

Fortunately, the Los Angeles-born jeweler isn’t greedy about his jaw-dropping collection often letting magazines and enthusiasts visit his garage.

But the entirety of his vehicle collection, non-Ferrari cars included, hasn’t really been explored yet. Well, that is until Youtuber Furious Pete did gearheads a solid and filmed a tour of Lee’s garage for all to see.

Driver First, Collector Second

A peek inside Lee’s 30-piece collection stored in his L.A. garage

In the almost 11-minute vlog, the self-proclaimed competitive eater took his viewers on an exclusive virtual tour of Lee’s collection. He was even joined by the man himself to show him around.

Estimating the entirety of the garage’s contents to be around $50 million, Pete was determined to take a closer look at almost all of the cars in the bunch. Lee then revealed which of his rides is the most expensive one pointing to the 1964 250 Lusso Competizione.

Unlike other car collectors, Lee actually likes taking out his babies for a drive. For example, he regularly drives his Mercedes S63 AMG or Rolls-Royce Dawn during his daily errands to the supermarket or work.

He also clarified that he is a driver first and a collector second. Thus, he limits himself to 30 cars at a given time (20 of which are Ferraris) so he can have a chance to drive at least one day a month.

Most Valuable Ferraris

Lee’s most expensive purchase to date is the 288 GTO Evoluzione

Because of this self-imposed limit, Lee makes sure to only keep special vehicles in his rotation. No wonder most of his Ferraris are limited-edition, multi-million-dollar ones. According to his personal estimates, the 30 cars in his collection can equal the value of around 200 to 300 cars.

When asked about the biggest amount he’s ever paid for a Ferrari, Lee said that it was $5 million for a 288 GTO Evoluzione prototype whose value has now gone up since. However, he says that it wouldn’t be the one car he’ll save if ever his garage caught on fire.

The car he is most sentimentally attached to is the 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, an older version of the Evoluzione. According to Lee, this was the car he considered to be his dream vehicle when he was still in high school. Considered to be the first supercar, the collector vowed to himself to buy the Ferrari car come the time when he could afford it.

How It All Started

Lee built his fortune by joining the family business, Hing Wa Lee Jewelers.

In the beginning, Lee was interested in owning cars from what he calls as the ‘holy trinity’ of car makers: Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. But the Ferrari floodgates were opened when a friend of his showed him his E-type Ferrari.

From then on, he spent his time researching to understand the brand’s heritage. He even dedicated himself to collecting only supercars and other classics and sold all of his other newer models.

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