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The Crazy Story About How Comedian Katt Williams Allegedly Lost $59 Million of His Fortune

It’s ironic how it’s actually comedians, whose job is making other people laugh, that usually tend to live troubled and unhappy lives. Award-winning stand up comic, Katt Williams, unfortunately, seems to belong to this lot of performers.

Looking at the 47-year-old Williams’ long career in the entertainment industry, most would be amazed and perplexed. While he’s clearly a very talented individual, having scored many HBO comedy specials, it seems like he’s also a very troubled one. His name has been attached to numerous legal issues which apparently began at the height of his career in 2006.

And now, he’s back in the news again as he accuses his former employees of embezzling $59 million from him.

Uncovering the Scheme

Williams made the revelations in an interview with American sports journalist Jemele Hill

Speaking in a recent ‘Jemele Hill Is Unbothered’ podcast episode, Williams said that he actually fell victim to a major crime. Apparently, the comedian was only made aware of the incident when the US Department of Justice started going over his finances as part of an investigation. That was also when they discovered that the perpetrators of the scheme were some employees of his.

It’s worth noting though that Williams said he had to remain vague about the specifics of the embezzling case. But he did reveal that he’s already fired the employees in questions, who even tried to blackmail the comedian in attempts of getting more out of him.

According to various online sources, the comedian’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $5 million to $10 million.

Becoming a Suspect

Williams performing in one of the shows of his most recent comedy tour called ‘Great America’

Another interesting aspect of the case is that Williams himself actually became a suspect at one point in the investigations. According to him, the authorities thought that he was laundering his own money. The details surrounding the case remain unclear. Here’s to hoping that more definite facts and details are uncovered as the case progresses. For now, people have Williams’ word to hold on to.

Katt’s Legal Troubles

Williams as appeared in court in 2015 to arraign robbery charges made against him

The comedian’s run-ins with the law have a long history. In 2006, he was arrested after a stolen firearm was found in his luggage while at the Los Angeles International Airport. The incident ended up with Williams being sentenced to just three days in jail and three years of probation.

He would go on for the next three years without much trouble until he was faced with charges of trespassing and burglary in 2009. Williams allegedly broke into a Coweta County home and walked away with jewelry and coins.

His latest scuffle happened in 2018 when Williams got in an altercation with a driver, who sued him for damages, in Portland. According to reports, the comedian got heated after he wasn’t allowed to let his dog sit in the car’s passenger’s seat.

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