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Chris Brown Loves Burgers So Much That He Bought 14 Fast Food Joints

Chris Brown learned how to dance before he learned how to walk, and he has not stopped ever since. Brown, born Christopher Maurice Brown, started dancing at the age of two while watching Michael Jackson on the big screen. He learned all the crazy dance moves from his pop idol, Jackson, and today, he has become a dancing icon in his own rights. There is something else Brown loves when he is hungry; he consumes a lot of burgers.

While in prison for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, he couldn’t stop dreaming about eating a burger. After he was released, every time he feasted on delicious burgers, he said a prayer to thank the lord for blessing him with the delicious meal. In fact, he decided to stop ordering a burger amd opened 14 Burger King restaurants instead. If you are not rich, it is nearly impossible to own Burger franchise that goes for around $1.5 million with $500,000 stored in liquid assets.

To find a good location, it can cost around $1.2 million. Brown paid $50,000 each to have a 20-year franchise agreement.

The singer is worth over $80 million and has sold more than 120 million singles and albums around the world. Brown is rich to afford things many of us think is crazy. Well, when you are rich, you can spend it, especially if you want to have excess burgers at home.

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