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The Amazing Story of How Will Smith Became a Real Life ‘Fresh Prince’ With an Expansive Real Estate Portfolio

Will Smith has had one of the most interesting career tracks in Hollywood. Starting out as a rapper donning the name ‘The Fresh Prince’, Smith successfully transitioned into acting starring in the hit NBC show, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air‘.

Fast forward to today, the 50-year-old is now one of the highest-paid actors in the industry.

A Certified Movie Star

Smith has starred in the Men In Black film series alongside Tommy Lee Jones

While enjoying success in the small screen, Smith was able to snag roles in major productions like the blockbuster hit ‘Bad Boys’ and the sci-fi action film ‘Independence Day’. Soon enough, he was able to cement his name in the industry as a bankable actor. He would go on to star in a string of other financially successful movies for the rest of the 1990s.

The 2000s proved to be even greater for Smith’s acting career. Never leaving the spotlight, he was able to star in big-budget or high-profile movies year after year. Some of his most noteworthy performances include roles in the films ‘Muhammad Ali’, where he portrayed the legendary boxer, and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘. For these, he received nominations at the Oscars for Best Actor.

His most recent role is Genie in the live-action adaptation of the critically-acclaimed Disney classic ‘Aladdin’.

According to Forbes estimates, Smith’s entire filmography, composed of 26 films, has earned a total of $3.4 billion. And that’s only considering their domestic gross. When adjusted for inflation, the number increases to a whopping $8.1 billion.

As expected, his impressive box office pull has made him into a very wealthy man. Smith reportedly has a net worth of $350 million.

His Breathtaking Property Collection

With the kind of money Smith has amassed over the years, it’s not surprising that he’s built quite an impressive portfolio of real estate properties. He got famous for playing a character who’s struggling to adjust to the lifestyle of his wealthy, Bel-Air-living aunt and uncle.

Now, he’s become one of the most affluent residents living in some of California’s exclusive, gated communities. Too bad he doesn’t seem to own a mansion in Bel-Air though. It would’ve taken his career full circle in a way.

An aerial view of Smith’s Calabasas mansion compound

The actor currently lives in a 25,000-square-foot mansion with his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith. The couple’s two children, Jaden and Willow, also used to live in the nine-bedroom home before moving out in 2017.

Testament to its massive size, the mansion actually took seven years to build. Construction reportedly began in 2003 and only ended in 2010. The mansion is believed to have cost the couple $42 million.

Smith’s two-story trailer which he uses during shoots

The Fresh Prince also owns a $2.5 million ‘mobile home mansion’ called ‘The Heat’. The trailer measures at around 1,200 square feet and features almost everything a regular house has and even more. ‘The Heat’ is decked out with a spacious 30-person sitting area, a wardrobe room and a 100-inch drop down television.

All in all, the couple owns around $100 million worth of real estate properties.

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