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Alarming Ways Britney Spears Drops a Whopping $123k on Massages and $30k on her Dogs

Britney Spears  is the best person to explain her prerogative.  There was an era when she was everywhere splashing money.  Spears learned her lesson in a hard way when she faced financial woes.  In 2016, Spears’ conservatorship’s financial documents revealed that she spent $29,852 on her dogs. Documents also showed that she spent $122,613 on massages.

When it comes to celebrities, spending such amount of money on things many people consider trivial does seem like a big deal.  To look gorgeous for the screen and fans, celebrities go the extra miles in looking glam.  The cost of looking glam doesn’t cost cheap.

Imagine, Spears spending $69,668 on wardrobe and $24,392 for hair and makeup. There was $29,852 goes for her pet pooches and the expenses is often endless.

The numerous trips she made to stores were also alarming. None of these trips cost less than a few hundred dollars.  When she was hit by financial woes, she had to get the approval of her father Jamie Spears and his lawyer before spending money. Las Vegas is expensive and that is the favorite home to Spears. You can imagine the amount of money that she spends there.

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