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Think You Need a New One? Here Are Things You Could Buy Second-Hand That Will Surely Save You Money

New isn’t always better and your savings would approve of that. We all need a lot of things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should walk to a store to purchase all that you want. Sometimes, you really don’t have to buy brand-new stuff because these practically lose their value once you take them out of a store. There are times when you just have to opt for second-hand items that are both practical and wise. Here are things you should never buy new:

Baby Things

We all get extravagant when it comes to our babies, especially if it’s the first bundle of joy. There’s nothing better than spending tons of money on their clothes and toys because it lets off a feeling that you can spoil them. However, the good and bad news is, they grow up so fast – this is true for all of us. This is why it is wise not to buy so much stuff, which will save you tons of money that you can put into the child’s college plan.

Baby gears like a stroller will set you back by a minimum of $300

BabyQuip founder Fran Maier advises borrowing, renting or buying second-hand baby things that would only be used occasionally, like a stroller, which for a brand-new will set you back by at least $300. If you would use it for just a day out or a party, you can rent one out for just $10 per day. It goes without saying that you should check if it’s on the recall list at This rule is applicable as well on baby toys.

Extravagant Clothes

You won’t need to wear glamorous attire every day

Dress to impress, the famous adage goes, but this doesn’t mean you should burn a hole in your pocket for a single-use attire. It’s not only impractical but also unsustainable. There are a lot of clothes rental services that offer formalwear and costumes — or those that you really don’t need in your closet at all.

Rent the Runway is one of those companies that can lend you a decent-looking, show-stopping outfit for less. A Badgley Mischka gown, for example, retails for $935 but you can rent one for $55.


It doesn’t take a genius to know that a car can slash off your savings or would entail another auto loan. Sure, the smell of brand-new wheels is different than a used one but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider getting a pre-owned one. If you don’t belong to the small percentage of the rich who probably buy rides just for fun, then you should definitely think about favoring second-hand over a new unit.

A second-hand car will cost less than a new one

Go back to the main function of a car: it’s to take you to your destination. But that doesn’t mean you will find the cheapest and oldest there is. One technique is to look for an almost new-looking that still has low mileage.

CarMax senior vice president Darren Newberry suggested these vehicles will cost less than a brand-new but still have the same basic features. It is best to research the history of the rides and narrow down your choices.

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