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Think You Know Everything about Retirement? This Man Left Work at 65 and Was Shocked to Learn About These Things

We’ve all dreamed of handing our resignation letter to our bosses without thinking if we could live another day without a paycheck. After all, the promise of the sweet life of a retiree is very tempting, but, sad to say, not all of us can afford to leave the workforce permanently as early as we want to.

Just think about it: no more pesky employer, hectic deadlines, or toxic coworkers — instead, you are left with control of your time, which means you can finally do the things you didn’t have time for when you were in a 9-to-5 job, including traveling.

Ah, yes – the perks of retirement are endless. You are (presumably) financially secure to never worry if you still have money to pay the bills. But there’s that catch: you need to be sure you have enough funds to stay afloat for the rest of your life. In the United States, the average age of retirement is 63, the Census Bureau stated. But what is it really like to leave work in your 60s?

Unexpected Things

For Bill Brown, who retired at 65, leaving work surprised him in ways he never imagined. One thing that caught him off guard happened right before he actually left his job. He expected that his friends and coworkers would be delighted to hear about his decision, but he was shocked to hear that they seemed to be warning him about what’s in store for him.

The statements rained on his parade, the 67-year-old, who worked in a trucking company’s IT department, admitted.

Bill didn’t expect the reaction of his friends 

He noticed the second surprise weeks into his retirement when he and his wife have lots of time together. Bill didn’t realize that they actually have that much free time together – they both spend tons of time in their respective careers and although they see each other every day, there are moments when he only had the chance to stay at the house during weekends because he sometimes needed to travel.


Bill became focused on woodworking

Now, they have so much time in their hands that they thought of ways to keep some time apart. Bill got himself busy with his hobby, woodworking, in the backyard. His wife, meanwhile, reached out to friends who are of the same age to eat out and, on top of that, she also frequently volunteers. But don’t get the couple wrong, they do enjoy each other’s company, too, and love to spend some moments together.

Bill and his wife had so much time after retirement

After a year of his retirement decision, Bill is enjoying the time he now has. Apart from woodworking, he also does consultancy work. He and his wife have also found the perfect harmony and they often travel.


This only shows that while we aim to leave work the earliest possible, nothing can prepare us for what’s in store. Other things may shock you, including the increasing rate of divorce in retirees. According to a Bowling Green State University study, the rate of the dissolution of marriage for 50 and up multiplied by two between 1990 and 2010.

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