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Reality Stars Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Went Broke & Lost Their Million-Dollar Fortune Years Ago–This Is How They’re Planning to Earn It Back

Hollywood is filled with plenty of success stories. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s also brimming with the opposite. Infamous reality stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag’s story is a mix of the two extremes. Finding success early on in their career, the couple eventually fell into hard times after years of poor decisions.

Shot to Fame

Spencer and Montag were given the couple nickname ‘Speidi’ during the height of their popularity in the mid-2000s.

The couple first shot to fame when they appeared on the hit MTV reality television show ‘The Hills‘. The series ran for six seasons from 2006 to 2010. It revolved around the daily and professional lives of various young women living and working in Los Angeles. Originally focussing on now fashion designer and writer, Lauren Conrad, the show eventually featured Montag, who happened to be Conrad’s friend and housemate at the time. It was actually on the show that Montag began her relationship with Pratt, who was also on the cast of the series.

After their stint on ‘The Hills’, they moved on to star in other, more controversial reality shows such as ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ and the British version of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. Montag even released a studio album ‘Superficial’ in 2010.

Going Broke

The couple, who married before ‘The Hills’ ended, now has a son, Gunner Stone, born in 2017.

Because of their success on the show, Pratt and Montag accumulated a fortune of $10 million. However, they reportedly blew through it just within two years. And come the finale of ‘The Hills’, they were already broke.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Pratt talked about how they lost their million-dollar fortune citing their outrageous spending habits. Revealing how they thought they were ‘Jay Z and Beyoncé’ at the time, the reality star revealed that they would spend thousands of dollars when they go out to eat with Montag even going on shopping sprees dropping up to $30,000 in a day.

There’s also her notorious and highly publicized spending on plastic surgery procedures in late 2009. According to reports, the reality star even had 10 procedures done within just a day and spent upwards of $30,000 for them.

In another interview, Pratt also reflected on how easy it was blowing through millions of dollars could be when one’s not being careful enough. With how fast the money was coming in, Pratt said that he thought it would be his life forever.

Couple Comeback

Pratt now sells things like crystals and accessories on his website ‘Pratt Daddy’.

Now, older and perhaps wiser, the couple is making a comeback to the spotlight as they star on the reboot of the reality show that made them famous. They currently appear in ‘The Hills: New Beginnings‘. The show has been picked up for a second season, too.

Meanwhile, they’ve also started promoting ‘crystal therapy’. According to Money, Pratt sells his crystal via SnapChat and his own website where he also sells apparel.

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