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Money Problem is One of the Leading Causes of Divorce: Here’s the Answer to That

Finding true love is already a very difficult feat. However, once you’ve finally found the one, best believe that what comes after tying the knot is harder. The point is, marriage changes a lot of things in your life, including finances. You might or might not have anticipated this matter before you got married but nothing will prepare you for what will happen once you have a husband or wife.

The hard part comes after marriage

Believe it or not, money has become one of the pressing problems of couples nowadays, so much so that it has become the top reason some of them decided to call it quits, one survey found. Another one showed that although the respondents didn’t always fight about the matter, the topic ends up being the most intense.

The Power of Budgeting

Think your marriage is on the rocks because of this issue? One of the best medicines for financial predicaments is budgeting. Although it sounds like a walk in the park, it’s not. According to a US Bank research, less than half of the population follows a written budget.

Role of Budget in a Marriage 

When you first exchanged I do’s, everything is well — it seems that literally, love keeps you both alive. However, as reality sinks in, you’ll find out that marriage is more than just living in a fantasy. Hard decisions must be made, including on financial matters. But if you both decide to become strict with budgeting, understand how important it is to be committed to it. Later, you’ll feel and notice the advantages of it.


Honesty is crucial in budgeting

Whenever you and your partner are on a budget, there should be no secrets. Remember, you are tracking every penny you both are spending so it pays a lot to be honest about the small things. This step builds trust because you will learn to believe that your better half is being truthful to the things listed.

Financial infidelity happens when one of the spouses purposely hides their purchases

Note that financial infidelity, although is the center of jokes nowadays, is a widespread problem. It’s a serious matter that when routinely done, becomes an unhealthy habit that could well be the cause of a divorce, especially when the other person finds out.


You’ll get a hint when a person is lying by the way he/she talks. Chances are, the guiltier an individual is, the more defensive he/she gets. Because you’ve been carefully documenting the expenses, the facts are already there and there’s no room to hide. You will both likely be constructive in how you deal with the other person.

It’s quite hard to talk about money but if you remain open, then it’s likely that you may have a healthy relationship. Just don’t let the topic dominate your conversations all the time.

Goals and Dreams 

Budgeting is not easy-peasy but having a plan in mind means you have a goal, which makes things bearable. Instead of focusing on how hard your current situation of constant financial monitoring is, set your eyes on the prize. A frequent reminder of how the process could help realize your dreams is essential to be able to build a strong foundation.

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