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These Millionaires Refuse to Spend Their Money on These Items & Maybe You Should Too

Contrary to what most people might believe, not all millionaires spend indiscriminately on themselves. Some prefer to put their money on wise purchases and foregoes buying products and services others might deem as necessities.

With that being said, here are some of the items wealthy individuals like television personality Jay Leno, Youtuber Graham Stephan and ‘Shark Tank’ investor Barbara Corcoran won’t be caught spending their hard-earned cash on.

Jay Leno & Clothes

Thanks to his thrifty ways and successful entertainment career, Leno has amassed a reported fortune of $400 million

Audiences best know Jay Leno as the former host of the ‘Tonight Show’. After finishing his decades-long television stint, the now-69-year-old has kept himself busy focusing on one of his other interests: cars.

But, despite having his own impressive collection of expensive vehicles, people would be surprised to know that the ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ host won’t be convinced to spend money on clothes. According to Leno, he finds the items a ‘complete waste of money’. And when it comes to fashion, his personal motto is to just have enough clothing items to cover all parts of the body that’s legally required to keep clothed.

This rather utilitarian approach to clothing and his overall ‘conservative’ philosophy on finance may be attributed to the way he was raised. Sources say that the television personality was raised by parents who had experienced the hardships of the Great Depression. In fact, Leno even said that his folks frightened him into saving every penny. He’s glad that they did though.

Graham Stephan’s 20-Cent Coffee

The 29-year-old reportedly brings in about $1.6 million a year from various income sources

The video-sharing platform, YouTube, has become quite an effective one for making regular people famous. One of those who’ve made a name using is the young millionaire and investor Graham Stephan. Starting as a real estate agent, Stephan has branched out into using his following to give people useful financial advice. And it’s no surprise that he has numerous admirers as he himself follows his own advice.

For example, he’s been very vocal about how ridiculously overpriced drinks that shops like Coffee Bean and Starbucks sell. Thus, he’s made a habit of making his own caffeine fix at home for just 20 cents and advises his followers to do the same.

In comparison, the average cost for a serving of gourmet coffee is $4.24. Graham also shares Leno’s philosophy on clothes and doesn’t buy designer clothes despite being able to afford them.

Barbara Corcoran’s Travel Preferences

Corcoran with her luxury spread in coach

While her wealthy peers go as far as to buy their own private jets for traveling, businesswoman Barbara Corcoran doesn’t even like splurging her hard-earned dollars on a first-class or business class ticket when she travels.

The ‘Shark Tank’ star chooses to create her own high-class experience in the air even when flying coach by packing her own gourmet meal instead. According to Corcoran, her loot includes food items like fancy cheese, fresh fruits as well as a small bottle of wine, which she buys at the airport.

To complete the meal, the 70-year-old also brings her own utensils and an oversized napkin.
Even the rich watch their sending.

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