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Lottery Jackpot Now Almost $2 Billion — Here’s What to Do if You Win

They say that in life, all you need is a little bit of luck in order for your greatest desires to be fulfilled. That is why those who win millions of dollars in the lottery are obviously way too lucky. It is not good to simply live your life looking for luck to come knocking at your door, but it is also not a sin to have a little hope that you would stumble upon it. You obviously don’t need to go to Vegas to try and win millions, all you need is to buy yourself a ticket to try your luck with the lottery.

There are some states in America wherein you are actually allowed to claim your winnings anonymousl

Still No Winner For Combined Jackpots

People have been going crazy over almost $2 billion worth of winnings that are still up for grabs on the lottery this week. The jackpot prize grew this much since no one won from the previous draw last weekend. Last Friday, no one managed to snag the $1.6 billion from the Mega Millions, which is known to be the largest jackpot price in the lottery history of the United States. This is despite of how much people were seen falling in line outside stores in different states, just hours before the draw last weekend.

Experts believe that everyone has a 1 in 302.6 million chance of winning the lottery for the Mega Millions, while 1 in 292 million for the Powerball

If you are actually trying to win not just the Powerball but also the Mega Millions, your chances of winning them would be 1 in 88 quadrillion which is quite a lot. It was July this year when a group of people who are from California won the $543 million prize, but no one has won the jackpot prize since then which resulted to it growing this much.

What people need to realize is that they must stay sane even after they win more than a billion dollars, some people don’t even check the rules of lottery tickets within their state and some end up forfeiting their win just because they violated a really significant rule.

What To Do With The Winnings?

The number one question people wonder is what they would do if ever they win the lottery, most of them say that they would pay of all of their debts, buy properties, put up a business, travel the world, and more.

It is a fact that there are so many things that can be possible once you have that much money. Some of the most famous lottery winners in the past had the most creative ideas on what to do with their winnings. In 2011, a man named John Kutey won $28.7 million and some of it was used to build a water park known as Spray Park in New York. A man named Jonathan Vargas on the other hand, was only 19-years-old when he won $35.3 million back in 2008.

He used some of his money to create his very own television show with female wrestlers entitled Wrestlicious.
Winning the lottery could definitely change someone’s life and family, as long as it is used wisely and not to things that would make them go back to where they were in the first place. Lottery experts say that the most important thing to do first after winning is to protect your and your family’s privacy.

People would try and get into your life just to get some of those winnings. Since you’d have enough money, have yourself a lawyer, an accountant, and a financial advisor, this is the best possible way for your to handle all those winnings as well as for you to be able to maintain your sense of self and perspective.

52% of Americans who won a million dollars in the lottery quit their jobs

Make sure to get some more tickets and place your bets because the next draw for the Mega Millions will be this Tuesday night while the draw for the Powerball will be this Wednesday. Keep a hold of your tickets and may the best numbers be drawn. If you happen to win, make sure to use your winnings wisely and carefully so your dreams would not turn into a nightmare.

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