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These Expensive Traveling Mistakes Could Dry Out Your Entire Holiday Budget

The long, enduring hours, the boring routine, the intimidating boss, the toxic workmates, the tight deadlines – this is the perfect mix for burnout. There’s no wonder why so many employees try to find other hobbies, activities, and passion outside work. One foolproof way to rid away the stress and pressure is by traveling, which, although proves to be costly, will take your mind into something new and fresh.

Especially now that the holidays are near, it is worth planning your next destination. Of course, we are not Kylie Jenner who is willing to spend huge sums of money on her recent trip with her gal pals, so we probably would still have a budget.

Needless to say, you should plan. But with your busy schedule, it’s hard to find the time to sit and research. This step is crucial if you take into consideration the fact that an average of 114 million people will head out of town this season.

These travelers are thinking about spending serious cash for their trip, a Nerdwallet research said. During this season, you can be easily swayed by the massive sale at the mall or the wish list you’ve made, which can instantly blow you out of your budget.

The Fine Print

Sometimes, we overdo organizing that we tend to miss the tiny details … literally, the small ones, like the fine print. This includes the hidden fees that you may have overlooked, which would matter if you’re on a tight budget.

One of the greatest examples of this is scoring a neat airline ticket promo that seems cheap at first glance. However, the low price usually doesn’t include some fees for the bags and meals.

If your flight got canceled, your travel insurance will be a big help

This also means forgetting about travel insurance. You won’t really know when you’ll need it, and hopefully, you won’t during your trip, but it is wise to spend on it. This can cover your luggage that’s lost or delayed flights.

Entertainment and Food

Always include activities for the kids in your budget

Traveling with the family is fun until the kids start whining, asking for activities that are fun to do. Find a hotel that has features that your children will enjoy or when you plan to dine out, include it in the itinerary so you could account it on the overall expenses. Not doing so may mean an unexpected trip to a restaurant that will cost you more than what you plan to spend.

Too Little Too Early/Late?

Planning ahead of time may cost you more

There’s nothing wrong about planning but experts say booking ahead, more than six months prior to the intended date of travel, will cost you more than you thought.

Adobe Digital Insights analyst Vivek Pandya shares that most people who prefer to buy tickets in advance think they are saving more and they are getting peace of mind. Its research, however, found that the cheapest tickets for Christmas come around December first week.

On the contrary, booking too late is also costly. Yes, you might score a good deal but it’s hard to risk your chance. The best time to buy tickets is three to four months before your target date, the expert said.

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