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How The Most Expensive 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S Came To Cost Over $273,000

The Porsche 911 is already a costly vehicle, even in base Carrera structure, yet the new 992-Series 911 Turbo S is being sold at $203,500, while the Cabriolet leaps to $216,300. Those are some serious dollar signs, but on the other hand, it’s an absolute performer—sprinting to 60 mph takes just 2.6 seconds on account of the 640-horsepower mill lurking under that sizeable rear spoiler.

Be that as it may, this article isn’t about performance. It’s about pricing, so we should look into how deep this Porsche options rabbit hole goes!

A view from the exterior front

Obviously, we have to begin with the more costly 911 Cabriolet. A few surface colors are offered at no expense, and a couple of others are accessible for $3,270. Porsche also offers a custom paintwork option worth $12,830. So with just a tap on your computer, we’ve already gone over $230,000. Exclusive Design wheels count as an extra $2,490 to the overall cost. With some more exterior augmentations (choosing the custom paint excludes a lot of the exterior trim selections), we’re now at $235,000. And that’s just the beginning…

Summing up the interior details

As for the interior, the 911 Turbo S is supplemented with lots of standard kits, which includes versatile sport seats with several leather color combinations. The Black/Bordeaux Red color scheme is free, but the  $4,490 Deviated Stitching Interior Package is another option that offers added coloring and customization.

Shockingly, the top of the line Burmester sound system isn’t standard but is an add-in worth $3,980. Various trim alternatives—like aluminum pedals, carbon-fiber door sill guards, and Porsche peaks sewed into different surfaces—ultimately gets the 911 Turbo S Cabriolet over a quarter of a million dollars. However, there’s still a lot more.

We haven’t discussed the options related to performance yet. The PASM suspension overhaul lowers the 911 by about a half-inch but increases the cost by $1,510. Meanwhile, at $3,490 is a sport exhaust with silver tailpipes. Glossy ebony brake calipers are a $900 alternative, and at another $280 is an updated power steering system. Certainly, you won’t be driving a lowered 911 with no frontal axle lift system, which is an additional $2,770.

Because lighting and visibility are a part of any vehicle’s performance at night, we’ll add the $750 LED Matrix headlights and  $990 transparent taillights in total performance cost. With everything included, the vehicle is now at $265,000.

Make every penny count!

The last choices include vehicle assisting systems, beginning with a $1,430 360-degree surround-view camera, $1,220 Lane-keep assists, and $1,060 Lane-changing assist, $2,000 adaptive cruise, and lastly, $2,540 night-vision assist. In total, the highest-priced 911 Turbo S will take $273,610 from your account! If that price is quite hard to swallow, turning down the drop-top for a fully-furnished fixed-roof 911 lowers the cost at $265,500.

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